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I work with a Network of churches called Life Builders Network. “Life” because Jesus came to give us life and when we teach or minister prophetically we are releasing His life into people’s lives. “Builders” because we believe in the ministry and role of apostles and prophets today – pouring foundations for the Church of Jesus Christ (Ephesians 2:20). We believe that the office and ministry of apostles is being reestablished by the Lord in this day. Paul called himself a “Master Builder”. And the word “Network” because we are a “net” that “works” and our task is to join together to be effective in the harvest of souls for the Kingdom and the King.

Yesterday we held our first “Apostles Day” for the laders of the network. At this meeting we had three speakers … three apostles with varying spheres of influence … speaking and ministering to those in attendance. It was a good day. God taught His leaders a great deal about these changing times that we live in and how to minister to our cities and towns, districts and province… and how to help people who are overwhelmed by life – including ourselves. Declaration to declare the Lord’s Word and will – How to hold to foundational truths and the ‘ancient paths’ as well as the “faith once delivered to the saints” (Jude 3) – and the changing mind-set of believers and non-believers and how they are forming their values today without a God-centered worldview. Great stuff. Great people. Great fellowship. Great food. Great day!

We have held leadership days, Grow Days, Training Days and numerous other events to encourage leaders over the many years we have been together. Often we work with Dennis Cramer who is a prophet to our Network and He speaks and ministers to those gathered. This “in house” event was not a new idea as we have done a few of these special days without well-known guests before. But, this was the first time we asked apostles to speak to us and bring foundational truths to bear on our lives and ministries. No big names – all in-house – and recognizing the ministry of apostles today. Afterall, we are an apostolic-prophetic Network and so it was time for the apostles to begin to minister.

If you would like to hear what was taught and what was ministered from the Word of God – simply send an email to and we will send you out a complimentary 3 CD set of the teachings. They will be ready to mail by the end of November (we are away for three weeks in Ukraine shortly so will edit and copy at the end of the month upon our return). But, write while it is fresh in your mind.

Stay tuned – many more ministry days such as this coming up in the next year…

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