So, What Is Really Happening? – Part Two

So, followers are not following leaders who often don’t know where they are going anyways. This situation exists partly because of a shortage of equipping apostles and prophets who would help to train and raise up true leaders for these days in the Church. (see yesterday’s blog entry)

Bill Lewis went on to say, “Is it any wonder so many are worn out and burned out? Something has to change. We must do two things. 1. We must be willing to step out and provide an alternative; 2. We must speak out and reveal the fallacy of expecting different results while maintaining the same structure.”

Again, I agree with Bill. Most leaders are either worn out or actually burned out. Some have crossed the line and actually had a nervous breakdown. Many are leaving the ministry daily in North America and elsewhere in our world. I am currently just finishing up a good book for leaders and leaders of leaders … “Mad Church Disease – Overcoming the Burnout Epidemic” by Anne Jackson. And, something needs to change so that the Church (and its leaders) can, once again, become healthy and fulfill the mandate to “go into all the world…”

Bill suggests two things that need to happen…

1. We must be willing to step out and provide an alternative

The message we preach is established and cannot be changed. The methods by which we share it must be constantly changing to speak to each new generation. Church as usual on a Sunday will no longer suffice. It must become a dynamic time when people can come – believers and non-believers – and experience the presence and power of God. Teaching His principles is important but teaching alone will not bring people into the Kingdom nor activate those already resident there. The alternative – what people need and are actually looking for – is to experience God. And, the Church needs to remind itself that Jesus is alive and allow His Holy Spirit to move and minister to people every time the saints gather together. It is time to kill the sacred cows (read: Brad Powell’s book – “Change Your Church for Good … the Art Of Sacred Cow Tipping”).

2. We must speak out and reveal the fallacy of expecting different results while maintaining the same structure

I am reminded of one of my mentors saying: “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten.” Poor English but truth nonetheless. Christians tend to continue to do the same things but pray and work twice as hard. Two times nothing will still be nothing. It is time to that a serious look at the structures we maintain and protect with such vigor and determination and see if they are really enabling us to reach the lost and win them to Jesus. If they are – fine tweek them. If they are not, take them out back and bury them. Try again. Recognize that, at times, the structure of the Church is killing the life of the Kingdom in the Church. Then determine to bring life-releasing change to the situation you are in. Be a leader!

Yes, we are apparently in a season where “every man does what is right in his own eyes.” But God is bringing us into the season when we will see the sons of Issacar who “know the times and the seasons.” I am excited! Time for the true apostles and prophets to rise up and become the anointed leaders God has called them to be.

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