Sleepless in Seattle

Well really I am in Sacramento, California and not Seattle. Well, to be more exact I am in Woodlands which is 20 minutes from Sacramento. Arrived from Regina via Minneapolis tonight at 11:00 p.m. California time, 12:00 midnight Regina time and 1:00 a.m. Minneapolis time. Any way you shake it I have taken 12 hours almost to the minute to go from there to here.

It is now 3:00 a.m. my body time (Regina time) and 2:00 in Woodlands – and have had a great chat with my host for the next three days. Checked in to my hotel and then we sat and talked for 3 hours. Great conversation as we come to know each other better and actually talk to each other other than by phone or email. So, still sleepless… but feeling like it might be time to go to bed as the day starts bright and early around 6:30 for me – devotions and time with the Lord – maybe even a walk as it will be in the high 70’s tomorrow (23 or 24 C) and so a walk before it is too hot would be good. Then lots of talking and eating and drinking coffee. Life on the road – ministry to the saints.

However, thank God I am here safe and sound and I am about my Father’s business of establishing new foundations for churches and recognizing and releasing callings on people’s lives. The next three days will prove very beneficial to the Kingdom and to Jeff and his ministry here at his church. God has promised me as much and has shown me a number of things to watch for, sense and speak into.

I was born for a time such as this in the Kingdom…

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  1. Darryl
    Darryl says:

    Hope you’re enjoying your time
    We’ve got rain here for the weekend, apparently
    Have an enjoyable/safe time
    God bless
    Some people up here would deem you as “suffering for Jesus”:)

  2. iarenc
    iarenc says:

    Glad you arrived safe. I’ve been following your airport schedule with gritted teeth. It wasn’t that long ago that I took a similar trip, (changed planes twice, hung around airports, making for a very long day) but purely for self serving reasons. You, on the other hand, are in the midst of virtual strangers, with only the motive of givng to them what God has given to you??? That’s the correct behaviour! Would that the rest of the ‘church’ would get it.


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