Sitting in a Hotel

I am sitting in a hotel in Saskatoon – waiting for a lunch appointment that is in half an hour. I’m here as my dog and faithful companion is having cataract surgery on both eyes. He is only 1.5 years old and so we decided that, as a family member with lots of life left in him, we were going to make this substantial investment of money and time. I also have ten grandchildren and they would never forgive me if they knew I could have helped him and didn’t.

Came into town yesterday for preliminaries – had a great three hour lunch with a super-terrific pastor here in the city while Cuddles (he is appropriately named) was having the tests done. Today is the all day operation and recovery… in at 8 a.m. and ready for pick-up at 5 p.m. Then tomorrow morning we check in again at 9:00 a.m. and then head home. Good thing too as I teach tomorrow night and fly to Ukraine the morning after. His first stay in a hotel – and he has been super (of course as we are staying at the Super Eight Hotel) – although he is not sure why he can hear people walking around in his “house” without his permission. Nor is he sure who they all are and why they are all here. He thinks he owns the whole hotel. At the price of the room – I think we should!

Today – my office (briefcase on lap – laptop on briefcase – Blackberry on the side table (no desk in this hotel room …it’s okay as they are all too high -or the chairs are too low – anyways). Have had a quiet and creative three hours writing material that is needed to be published while I am away in Ukraine. Same thing I did for five hours last night while dog-sitting.

Of course, I spent lots of time on breaks to love the dog up as these are fairly tramatic days for him – and every two hours I had to put drops in his eyes – five different kinds, five minutes apart – three times during the evening. He needed lots of loving up. I needed lots of loving up. I am crazy about dogs – especially this one. But then, who would have ever noticed, right?

Just back from a three hour lunch with a pastor here in this city whose heart is on fire for Jesus and who is very aware of what the Lord is doing today as He calls His people into relationship with Him – even at the cost of killing religion – even the born again kind of religion. Great three hour lunch. It’s neat to be able to talk openly about Jesus and His love for us and our love for Him and for His Church. Powerful time of sharing – and yes, we talked a little business but only that which was necessary so that we could call it (and charge it) as a business lunch.

Just picked my dog up at the University Vet faculty. Operation went well – thanks for asking. He is still groggy and so is asleep at my feet as I type. Up to six kinds (from five) of medicine and so they go in twice tonight at 5 minute intervals and in a specific order and I think I am in need of having a degree from the University to get all their written (thank goodness) instructions and timing straight. As of tomorrow afternoon – it all becomes my wife’s concern as I will be packing for Ukraine and flying (actuallu the plane does the flying – I do what I’m good at which is sitting) to Ukraine. She’s much smarter than I am so she will have it all figured out and organized in a jiffy.

Talk with you tomorrow – probably about something a little more substantial than my dog’s medical issues – you know, like the election in the USA… But you can’t cuddle up with an election.

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  1. Bev Wensel
    Bev Wensel says:

    T.J. and I understand R. and thank you Jesus for grt vets!! {TJ is dog #10 in my life & #6 in Vance’s I think} Czar-dog#8, had to have his big floppy ears stitched together [shaking his head too much from itchy ear mites]caused sm bld vessels to break & the ear puffs 1″ thick …not good, so we understand Cuddles,ha!
    And have a speedy recovery while Ralph’s away. B&V

  2. Ralph
    Ralph says:

    Ah! Another dog lover. Good to know. I believe dog lovers (all of them) have big hearts and that God created us to go to all the SPCA shelters and empty them out monthly.

    I admit I am in a bit of rebellion (although we have had our share of shelter animals) as I refuse to go near the SPCA because I know I would do just that. I would want to (and most likely would) take every animal without a home with me to my home. And, I can neither handle that many animals nor have the money to properly care for them (especially after paying the bill here for the last two days).

    But a dog lover I am and proud of it. They are truly man’s best friend next to Jesus and can bring a lot of love and comfort to us. And Cuddles does all of that in spades. But then I am a slight bit biased.


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