Signs and Wonders #8 – Apostolic Evangelism #24

People ask me all the time – “How come we don’t see miracles, signs and wonders in our services?” The answer is not complicated. God wants to arise and do mighty miracles in His Church today. However, this will happen not so much because we have sought after miracles or sought to attract crowds – but we have sought Him. If we truly find Jesus, we will find miracles too. Crowds will again come to seek out the mighty miracle-working Jesus who lives within us by His Spirit.

What will we do with the multitudes when they begin to come? Will we treat them to a spectacular combination of supernatural and showmanship, telling them they can have God’s best and still hang on to their self-centered lives? Or will we tell them the truth about eating Jesus’s flesh and drinking His blood – the truth that only those willing to lose their lives will find them!

As The Lord restores apostolic evangelism to the Church, His Church, we will have an exciting opportunity to proclaim and practice both the power of God and the message of discipleship. Instead of reaping a harvest of shallow, self-absorbed “converts”, we will once gain produce a generation of world-changing disciples.

Note: Our next blog will begin to look at apostolic outreach – the work of “missions” that every local church, if they are apostolic in nature, should be considering.

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