Selling Sand to People Who Live on the Beach

I am in Russia when writing this blog – specifically on a 20+ hour train ride from Yekaterinburg to Yugorsk sitting next to two men who are heavy into drinking and with whom I cannot communicate as my interpreter is asleep. I know, more information than you needed and you have no idea where these cities are in Russia. It would be good to look them up as you have family there in both cities. Believers and fellow disciples.

It has been an amazing week and a half and I am looking forward to seeing what God is planning to do in the three cities in Siberia we are now ministering in.

It is interesting how well received our ministry is in each and every place we go. The people of God are hungry and willing to sit and learn if you are willing to stand and teach. They take notes, get excited, respond to what you are saying, interact with you and the Holy Spirit and are willing to stay as long or longer than you do. They are a joy to teach and minister to as they simply draw the anointing right out of you. They are excited about Jesus, worship long and hard, and are seriously attentive to the Word as it is being preached and as it is being ministered prophetically.

Now I am not comparing – well yes, actually I am. I’m comparing because it is like night and day – the difference between here and there – my home country. I am comparing and maybe even complaining just a bit. Back home it seems that few are seriously committed to the work of the Kingdom and the spreading of the Gospel worldwide. Here they simply take that for granted and are committed and involved right from the start. Here they volunteer – back home we have to compel people to get more involved and more committed… Back home, at the end of a week, I feel as if I am still trying to lasso mice or sell sand to people who live on the beach.

It is sad that it is this way. It does not have to be like this. If we want to change it and are willing to pay the price as disciples of Jesus Christ to do so – it can change. I am willing. There is just something about this thing called CHURCH that captures our hearts and keep us fighting for a better day. We see the hand of God on it no matter how imperfect it may be. We understand that the Church functioning as it was designed to work is the only hope for the world. We know that the Church gathered to be equipped and sent or scattered to minister to the lost is the most worthwhile purpose to invest in.

So, we keep believing that the Church will soon regain its health and vitality so that we too, here in North America, can experience excitement and watch the saints come alive in the power of the Gospel as they thank Jesus for all He has and is doing and as we learn from the teaching of His Word.

I keep hoping that one day the majority of believers in North America will once again become excited about what God is doing in each and every nation of the world and will want to join their brothers and sisters around the world and be about their Father’s business. I am believing that this day is not too far in the future and I am praying for a new and deep passion to fall on and arise from within all disciples of the Lord as the church becomes hot and no longer lukewarm. Then I can let the mice go free and sweep the sand out of the building.

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