Seeking the Mind of Christ

It is hard to seek the mind of the Lord when our own minds are already made up. And that is often the case for believers today. We know what we want to do. If it does not work out satisfactorily then we sometimes go to God and ask for His help. When we do it is often not to know His mind but to ask Him to bless what we have planned and that has not yet worked for us.

If things get really tough we go to Him and admit that our idea has not worked and that we need His help. However, we are still not seeking the mind of Christ on the issue or situation because we still have other ideas we are turning over in our heart and mind. So, when He tells us something we take it as a suggestion (often one of many) and end up discussing things with Him, negotiating and even arguing about what He is telling us to do. We treat it as a suggestion and often one of many we are receiving. So, we are asking Him for a plan but we still have plan B if we don’t like His plan A. This is not the way to find out the mind of Christ on a matter.

To know the mind of Christ we need to come to God humbly without a plan – without our mind made up. Then we can hear His thoughts and ideas – His plan for our day or even our life. However, we need to come to Him already having decided that the answer to what He is about to say is “yes” because it will be the best plan and for our own good. God’s plans and purposes are always good and always beneficial for us. So, if He is truly Lord then you trust Him and can say “yes” before you hear what He has to say. Then you will hear the mind of Christ.

However, we must not be so open-minded that we are stupid about this… We must come with our hearts and minds filled with His Word. His revealed will found in the Word (your Bible) is the only standard that we have through which to judge what we believe we are hearing Him say pesonally to us today. So, when we think we have heard His voice and thus His mind on the subject we can judge what we believe we heard to His revealed will – the Bible.

This means that we need to be regularly meditating on His Word so that our spirit (heart) is filled with the Word and we need to be reading and studying His Word so that our minids are being renewed and our lives transformed on a daily basis by His Word. Then, when we seek His mind and His will on a matter we will have the right heart (motive) and our minds will be able to grasp and understand what He is saying and we will correctly judge what we heard to determine if it is truly the Lord speaking to us.

Today as I travel from church to church and visit nation after nation many believers do not know the mind of Christ on the important matters they face daily in their lives. That is often why they come to our meetings – to hear God through the ministry of the apostle (they usually call me a prophet – which I am not) and to receive a personal word from the Lord. This is so wrong. First we should hear God for ourselves and then the prophetic word can be simply a confirmation of what we have already heard directly in our time with God.

Here’s the problem – Christians have become lazy and irresponsible. They no longer do the hard work of learning to hear God’s voice and practicing until they get it right. Instead, they have allowed the fact that someone has worked hard and long at learning to hear God accurately (a prophet or apostle) to let them slack off. Why work hard at hearing God and discerning and judging what you heard? Just let the prophet or apostle give you the word and be done with it. Sad! Easy way out. But, let me ask, what do you do when there is no prophet or apostle around? Why you wait, of course. And wait, and wait, and wait…. what a waste.

It is time to recognize that every believer needs to be hearing God’s voice and knowing the mind of Christ daily for their own lives … and then the apostles and prophets can get on with their work of laying the foundations for the Church and not simply ministering to lazy believers.

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