Second Day in Glendale

Monday was a full day. Arrived at the Regina airport at 5:00a after three hours of sleep and a hectic Sunday. God’s grace and strength were sufficient to see me through the day as there were two flights of 2.5 hours each with a change of planes in Denver, Colorado. Arrived safely at the Burbank Bob Hope Airport and was picked up shortly afterwards by the host pastor and another Armenian brother who spent the day with us.

We shared fellowship from 2:00p to 10:00p and then went over to the prayer meeting. There were 40+ people at the prayer meeting and after worship and some testimonies I was asked to teach and minister. I introduced myself, taught on the prophetic, and then trained several young people to prophesy as we ministered, I believer, 8 people. Teaching and equipping others is important as that is part of my job description. So, we don’t move as fast as we would if I were simply doing the ministry. I just don’t ever want to be in such a hurry that I don’t have time to equip others for the work of the ministry.
The last three I simply called out and prophesied over them as it was well into the 2:00a hour and I wanted to go rest after a very long, but productive and good, day.

Today I have already had a meeting with the pastor as we drove through the city in the early morning to buy some fresh bread for breakfast. There are 500,000 Armenians in Glendale, California and so fresh bread is available everywhere – it is a staple of the diet. Then breakfast with my host and his wife and some quiet … at 11:30 a local time a home visit to a leadership couple. Tonight a meeting of young couples -married or engaged to be married. Again, to prophesy and to come to know that church people better so as to effectively minister as the week goes on. Prophecy will certainly be a part of the evening.

Please pray for the people of Revival Rains Church, the leaders and the people. Please pray that I would have the mind of God for the day and every activity that I become involved in – as well as the many hours of sharing that will be happening as I build relationally with the pastor. Please pray for strength and a time of refreshing in the presence of The Lord- I feel tired today.

Thank you for your prayers.

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