School of the Supernatural

As a disciple you are to know the presence of God and walk in the power of God 24/7 and thus be a world-changer. Followers of Jesus are called to live supernatural lives – hearing the voice of God, touching the heart of God, walking in the power of God on a day-by-day basis. For a Christian it can never be “life as usual” and “normal” should simply no longer exist. As a born again believer you are called to be naturally supernatural.Learn how to walk in the Spirit and experience the power and presence of God during your regular every-day life. Leave “boring” behind and move into the excitement of truly following the leading of the Spirit as you watch God touch and transform lives through you. Learn how to hear God’s voice; see people healed; free others from demonic oppression; witness with power; and do all that Jesus did in His ministry upon the earth. Actually learn to fulfill the words of John 14:12 – “The things that I do you will do also and greater things than these will you do…”

A practical, hands-on series of teachings that will move you beyond being a “hearer only” as you have opportunity to apply what you will be learning and become a powerful “doer” of the Word.

To run a school in your church or to attend one that is currently running please call Elizabeth at 306-536-9741. If you would like to read through some of the material being taught, please see the PDF files below.

  • Lesson One
  • Lesson Two
  • Lesson Three
  • Lesson Four
  • Lesson Five
  • Lesson Six
  • Lesson Seven
  • Lesson Eight
  • Lesson Nine
  • Lesson Ten
  • Lesson Eleven
  • Lesson Twelve
  • Lesson Thirteen
  • Lesson Fourteen
  • Lesson Fifteen
  • Lesson Sixteen
  • Lesson Seventeen
  • Lesson Eighteen
  • Lesson Nineteen
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