Saturday – Later Start

Well, it is easy to tell that the ministry here has been on-going for a week and that every day has been busy and productive, not to mention every night ending after 1:00a. We are all tired. So, a slower start this morning as activity began at 8:00a instead of 6:00a. It was good to be quiet and rest a little longer than usual – especially as today there is an all day conference with four teaching sessions with prophetic ministry at all of them.

Yesterday was a day to visit with the pastor and his wife and to prepare for today. Last night we had a 3 hour service with tremendous worship, attendance of almost 200, a front row full of pastors who work here with Armenian people and travel to many nations to minister to their people – including into Vancouver, B.C., on a regular basis. Powerful men of God. After giving my testimony as asked for by the pastor I am working with – I prophesied over a number of people, mostly young. Then, after the service was dismissed, my interpreter who is also a well known pastor here asked me to pray over a number of couples who were seniors and working with the Armenian people. As well, one young couple. So, although the service was only three hours – the whole evening was much longer. However, it was all good and many people had their lives impacted by the Holy Spirit both through the testimony and the prophetic ministry.

Your prayers for today – a one day conference from 11:00 to 6:30 with four sessions and much ministry. There are about 150 people attending so it will be a busy day ministering and building relationships. Please pray, as well, for tomorrow. At the start of the week I had a 2:00p service to minister at. By Wednesday they added a service in another church so that is is now a 10:00a and 2:00p. Last night a pastor asked if I could come to their service as well so the day may now have three services in three churches… please pray. Thanks. You are a vital part of this ministry.

Monday – a quiet morning to debrief from the week and plan the next trip here and then three airports and a full day of flying and waiting…

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