Saturday in Russia

I have finished four days here in the city of Voronezh and am moving to the city of Uzlovaya which is a little over 3 hours from here. My work with the leaders of the union I work with extensively here in Russia has ended. It was a good three days of planning, dreaming, thinking, praying and fellowship as we looked into what God has in store for this network of churches, looked at what an apostolic-prophetic network and local church would look like, and even prophesied over half of the leaders present for the meeting.

Each night I preached to a full house and then prophesied over a number of young people. The prophetic anointing was extremely powerful and many people were seriously touched by the power of God and the words that God spoke over peoples’ lives. I am always amazed at what the Lord says and does. It was fun training some new people – two young brothers from a Pentecostal church where the gifts are not flowing and not welcome; a man from Moscow who is an elder; a man from Voronezh who will soon be an elder in his church. All four made serious steps forward in the use of the gift of prophecy.

Today I relocate to Uzlovaya, a city 3+ hours from Voronezh where I will share some fellowship, talk to a few people and catch up on their news (my third or fourth visit to this church), and minister to the pastor and his wife in whose apartment I will be staying. Then Sunday I will preach and minister at a morning service (4 hours) and then a leaders meeting in the afternoon. I head to Moscow (4 hour drive) after the meetings as I have a 4:00a arrival time at the airport to begin the journey home on Monday morning so always arrive late the night before due to traffic issues in this city of 20+ million.

Your prayers for the Sunday service would be greatly appreciated. As the trip winds down I am tired and although the anointing is strong sometimes the flesh is tiring of constant 18+ hour days. Your prayers for refreshing and the lifting of weariness would be greatly appreciated.

My apologies for several blogs missed this week – time has been seriously short and in great demand. And, there is no picture with this post as my administrator who posts them is away for 24 hours for family reasons.

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