Saturday in Kazakhstan

Saturday and the trip is quickly coming to a close as I head home on Thursday morning, afternoon and evening and on Thursday morning, afternoon and evening – it is 30 hours between here and there and because of the time difference you end up arriving 6 or 8 hours after you leave here – Having flown the same twelve hours twice. Of course, you don’t know if it is day or night and you are really tired.

The picture is of a man (Jenya) whom I mentor here in Kazakhstan via email. He is a major leader in a rehab center here in the city of Almaty , married with a year old son. The young man being prophesied over is in the rehab program. God really touched his life and the lives of many of the young addicts who are working towards freedom and now have hope in life. I mentor many young men in numerous nations and as most of it is done by Skype and email it is always good to see them once or twice a year and be able to move them forward in their ministry while with them briefly.

Since arriving on Thursday night it has been really busy. It did not help that we were tired as it was a long drive and the border crossing was a zoo and required some soom (Kyrgyzstan money) to get us through. We stood in the cold for over an hour negotiating the crossing… But it has been steady services since – 3 to 5 a day depending on the ministry I was working with. I have been in several rehab centers and several churches and always very well received. These people are hungry for more of God and all that He has to give them. It is necessary to put limits on what I am willing to do or else I would be on my feet 24/7.

In many places where I have been before they have been sharing testimonies of what happened after they received a prophetic word on a previous visit. I constantly tell them to write the testimony down and send it along with a picture so everyone who supports this ministry and prays for these trips can be blessed. They have promised to do so – time will tell. But the testimonies have been terrific and very encouraging to hear. Encouraging because often I wonder if I am having a lasting impact for the Kingdom. And, to hear what happened in the lives of these people I have prophesied over makes every sacrifice worthwhile.

Thanks for praying for this apostolic ministry and specifically for this trip. Great things are happening. Please pray for strength and refreshing in the presence of the Lord as the team (including me) are beginning to show signs of wear and tear … We are tired. Thanks for being a vital part of this wonderful 19 day trip to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

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