Risk-Takers or Undertakers

Michael Simpson states: “I believe that Christ being less attracitve…is a by-product of a diluted Christianity.”

Mike Bickle says: “God is going to change the understanding and expression of Christianity in one generation.”

I believe that in the next few years we will first see that the way people- especially young people – live out their Christian faith is going to change dramatically and drastically. Then, as a result, people looking at the Church from the outside will perceive a different Christianity than what anyone sees right now. This will lead them to see a different Jesus – the real, biblical Christ.

I believe we are seeing a new generation arise who, after discipling, training and equipping, will rise up and redefine “normal” when it comes to being a believer. In the midst of world-wide political, economical, and ecological crisis they will rise up and declare that Jesus is the “way, the truth and the life.”

I believe that in the midst of a world “gone mad” and everything unraveling and falling apart – morals, ethics, standards, tolerance, understanding, meaning, purpose, respect, dignity and hope – God is raising up a generation of young people ages 18 to 28 who will no longer accept Christianity as they find it and will literally break out of ‘the box’ or, more accurately simply break the box and do things differently.

This generation will take the Word of God (Bible) and the Word of the Lord (prophecy) seriously and will obediently “go into all the world.” They will recognize that the harvest is ready but the laborers are few and they will sign up and give their lives to the cause. These young people will be risk-takers. Otherwise, the Church will need an undertaker.

I believe this younger generation will immediately realize that you can’t fight the battles over lost souls from the view of the pews. They will come to recognize that they need to move out into the enemy’s camp. They will understand that a confined church loses validity (relevance and meaning); that a confined church is an expiring church instead of an explosive church as it should be.

I believe that they will go beyond any and all of their personal limitations and the self-imposed limitations of the older generation and the Church and will become “another man” as King Saul was when he came under the influence of the prophetic anointing when he met the school of prophets. They will become supernatural; more than natural; above the ordinary; able to do more than expected.

I believe that this new generation of believers will not allow themselves to stay in their comfort zones. Thy will recognize and even know instinctively that the anointing comes to people who are willng to step out of their comfort zone. The fruit is found at the end of the limbs and cannot be picked and harvested if you are still hugging the truck of the tree and not taking any risks.

I believe that although this will be a major move of God’s Spirit in one specific generation – believers of any age can enter into this new move – this fresh wind – of the Spirit. All they need is a willing heart and the willingness to get off their sanctified backsides and move out into the battlefield where lost souls are won. As they do so they will also find themselves in the center of God’s will.

I’ll meet you there – in the center of God’s will. In spite of my chronological age I am choosing to be part of this generation as it rises up to meet God’s challenge and the cal lthat is upon it.

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