Rick Warren Shirts

I’m in buying some Rick Warren-type summer “dress” shirts at a discount place here in the city. A place where you can buy $15.00 shirts for $6.00 so that you can look good yet still have money in the bank. Found 6 and on the way out through the cashier…

It’s snowing here near the end of April – normal actually – but because we have had a few warm days, unexpected, I suspose. So, she commented on the weather (safe topic) and that maybe my new summer shirts would bring in the summer weather. I mentioned that God has promised 4 seasons but did not mention how long each had to be. So, maybe that hot day last week was summer this year. Here in my neck of the woods that is very possible. I’m trying to lead into the gospel – the store is not busy and I’m the only one in this checkout line.

She says … “Well, maybe this is God’s way to get people’s attention so that they can see the light.” Wow! This is going to be easier than I thought – and it was. I agreed with her and mentioned the need to come to know God personally. She goes into a fairly deep comment or two or three about the need for salvation from sin with the add on that she didn’t “want to get too theological.”

What a refreshing change from the normal theological and bibilical dribble that is out there and believed by so many. The self-help gospel of Robert Schuller and his son; the wealth and prosperity gospel of many of the television preachers; the false gospels of Dr. Phil and Oprah; John Hagee and his dual covenant gospel … just to name a few that are taking believers and non-believers down a dangerous and destructive path.

What looked like a great witnessing opportunity became a great celebration as two believers commented on God’s goodness. And, having just been stood up for a lunch appointment (the reason I had this time to go shopping in the first place) a real encouragement to me personally.

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