Many years ago I sat with my mentor Dale and over lunch he commented that apostles, when they teach, should impart life to those who hear them. We talked about that. His comments included that we are looking for life change or transformation when we teach and not just the imparting of more information. As we discussed this further we recognized that this means the target of the teaching is the heart and not the head. A terrific revelation – a great conversation.

I asked him how do apostles do this. He was honest with me and said that he didn’t know. He just knew it to be true and that this revelation must be acted upon. Now, thirty years later I have seen that this is possible and actually how it is suppose to work and does work. So, I have “discovered” the interpretation of this truth. I understand John 6:63 where Jesus states: “My Words are spirit and they are life.” I have experienced and seen the difference between just teaching information and imparting life into those who are listening. In many ways it is still rather raw and in the developmental stage. It is rather hit and miss. I can never guarantee that what I am teaching and the way I am teaching it will impart life as my mentor said it should. But, I do have the “application” and can see it work at times. I even had fun sharing this with several apostles and a prophet today at a meeting we held over coffee and then lunch.

The next generation – those I am sharing the revelation and interpretation with – will truly be the ones to apply this revelation and see it working in the lives of their people on a regular basis. This third generation will have the “application” and this will become a regular part of life no longer just a revelation or a interpretation of the truth with the occasional application that works. But, an actual way of life and ministry.

This is the way with much that God restores to His Church. Apostles were simply a revelation in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Then some of us began to walk in this revelation interpreting the revelation. The next – the third – generation will walk in the fullness of the calling and receive the full benefit of the restoration of this amazing revelation regarding apostolic ministry and the role of the apostle.

Just thinking through ‘out loud’ something the Lord really showed me clearly today. Sorry if I have not expressed it well but it is still fresh manna for me. Feedback and your thoughts are always greatly appreciated.

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