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Time for some new approaches to the things we do. The message we declare is non-negotiable but the methods by which this life-changing message is shared are not sacred and must be constantly adjusting to the society in which we live. Otherwise we have a the greatest good news in the universe and no one will know what it is.

Let’s get honest here. If the way we are doing things as the Church of Jesus Christ is not impacting our unsaved loved one, family, friends, and work associates then there is something wrong and we need to find out what it is. Methods are not sacred and can change frequently as the society we are reaching for Jesus changes. And change it does.

How do you know what will work? Get out there among the unsaved, relate, talk, ask questions about their lives, life-style, beliefs, and what they think about spiritual issues – who Jesus is, life after death, heaven and hell and numerous other topics. They want to talk about themselves and they do have thoughts and opinions worth listening to. You will find yourself in some fantastic conversations with some really neat people – and you will get to know them and their world much better.

The more you relate and the more you know about them and what they believe and think – the easier it is to then know what to say and how to share it when it comes to telling others about the night-and-day difference Jesus has made (and is making) in your life.

If you believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ and hold to the truth as set forth in the Bible – that Jesus is the only way to be forgiven and to enter into Heaven – then it is time to intentionally study the “world” in which you live and work and then learn how to express the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the only message of the Church with those in your world.

Their eternity destiny may depend on you!

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  1. ni
    ni says:

    I whole heartedly agree. However, I find it hard in the workplace to fight past the stereotypes that other “christians” I work with give off. I feel as if they see me as a half hearted christian because I read my bible and talk about “God stuff” but I don’t kiss the priests hands or pray to mary or saint joseph. I feel that they think I just have 1/2 the religion and not, that I have a relationship not a religion. I keep trying but it can be discouraging fighting against the worlds view of us. Sometimes relating can mean 1/2 christian to the non christians… Maybe with time they’ll change they’re opinions of us but… Sharing the good news I can do…The rest I guess that isn’t my job.. I am glad there are others fighting stereotypes too.

  2. Ralph
    Ralph says:

    Hi Naomi,

    Thanks for entering the discussions we have on this blog. Welcome aboard.

    Yes, as true believers who have a relationship with the Lord it is hard to constantly be fighting the sterotypes that other so-called believers have portrayed. It is sad that the Christian faith has such a bad wrap and that this opinion of others is often formed by simply knowing one or two ‘off-the-wall’ Christians who are not well grounded in God’s Word and are not walking in relationship with the living God.

    However, they tend to be the loudest and so the ones who get noticed and thus form the impression people have of everyone who declares the Name of the Lord and is truly born again.

    To solve the problem we simply need to become more vocal and let our light shine. We are called to salt and light – and it is something we need to work at boldly and intentionally.
    It is time for the real believers to stand up and be noticed so we can, really without too much effort, reverse the general impression our culture and society have of the born again Christian.

  3. Karen
    Karen says:

    And, you always seen to run into people from all churches or denominations who believe they are right with God just the way they are, which, in their minds, means they are ‘safe’.

    As one man said to me lately, “If God was upset with me, he could have let me know. I mean, the priest would know, right? But, nobody has said anything, and do you know why, it’s because I’m ok. Afterall, I can think of lots of people who are worse than me. At least I go to the right church.”

    So, they go blindly into eternity thinking they are safe because they have a priest (pastor, minister, rabbi) keeping an eye on them.

  4. Ralph
    Ralph says:


    It is true that “spiritual” leaders can take seekers and saints alike down the garden path giving them false hope and assurance. However, each person is ultimately responsible for their own destiny – and where they will spend eternity. A good question to ask this person: “What if your priest is wrong?”

    The other problem here is that he has also determined he is okay by comparing himself to those around him. I call this “salvation by comparison”. It might be good to speak to him from God’s Word regarding this. Comparison leads to pride if you are doing better than others or depression if you find out that you are not measuring up. Either way you end up in Hell and not in Heaven. Salvation by comparison is very common these days.


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