Report regarding International School

October 2015 – Ohio, USA

In the early part of October, 2015 a number of young apostles and prophets (in training) gathered for the first of a series of International Schools of Apostles and Prophets in Butler, Ohio. This School is a joint project of The River Church in Butler and Ralph Howe Ministries with headquarters in Western Canada.

With students from the United States, Canada, Russia, Tajikistan, and Republic of Democratic Congo the ten days were filled with fellowship, laughter, great food, worship and prayer, as well as classroom learning each day. On the two Sundays students spread out among local churches (Butler, Cardington, and Columbus) to share their testimonies as well as see how people in another nation worship the Lord.

Topics covered included the New Testament Church, How to Achieve Longevity In the Ministry, Finances in Church Planting, The DiSC Profile, A day of Questions and Answers,

Handouts for further consideration included: The Apostolic Mandate, Signs of a Healthy Apostolic-Prophetic Church, Preaching for Impact, The Heart of Apostolic Ministry, Seer and Nabi Prophets, Team Core Values, and How to Have a Generous Church (tithing). Other written material is currently being prepared and will be distributed to the students in the coming months.

All materials covered at the School as well as all future handouts will be posted on a special section of Ralph Howe Ministries’ web site and available free-of-change to anyone who is interested. This material will be posted in English and Russian.

The second International School for Apostles and Prophets (North America) is scheduled for October 6th to the 15th, 2017 to be held in Butler, Ohio. 

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