Relocating Once Again – Kazakhstan Day 13

The last day of our ministry in this venue and tomorrow morning we move to the main city of Karaganda. During the day we will check in to where we are staying next, eat out at a restaurant with the pastor and his wonderfully kind wife (our hosts for this whole week), and then have an evening of fellowship with them over a second meal. This will be a time of questions and answers – not really time off or down time.

However, that is tomorrow. Today … we held two sessions as usual. And, as usual, the worship was heavenly and very powerfully anointed. They certainly know how to worship, do so with their whole hearts and express their love for Jesus openly and emotionally. Refreshing!

Bob taught the morning session on the Prophetic Purifying Process (a repeat which he has taught often here in Eastern Europe and an excellent teaching – simply excellent) and it was well received and revealed some new truths to many who have received prophetic words since their arrival here. In the afternoon session I spoke on the church as it is now and as it will be. Another way to say it – the pastoral model and the apostolic model. It was the first time that I have ever spoken on this subject although I have begun to write some articles on it in my e-newsletter and one day hope to publish a booklet (60 page book) on the subject after finding the time to write and rewrite the material. During both services we did a fair amount of prophetic ministry.

As we were breaking for supper (after a 5 hour session) we were asked if we could continue into the evening even though it was not on the schedule. Because we were asked by the pastor in front of everyone we agreed because we submit to the pastor as the leader / elder here. However, if we had been asked privately we would have said a definite no as we are tired and still have 5 more days of ministry and need to pace ourselves very carefully from this point on. As well, it was the fifth or sixth surprise of the week as the agenda and work situations continual change without consultation or involvement of the team in the decisions. However, they always directly affect what we are doing and how we are doing it.

So, after supper we held another unscheduled meeting which went from 8:00 to 10:30 and after worshipped we did not teach but simply prophesied over a number of couples who were not going to be with us for any of the other scheduled events this week. I then headed directly to my room for some quiet and time alone and even ignored several knocks on the door. I didn’t need more company or more work. Just some time to sort some feelings and concerns.

A full day – and tomorrow we head back into Karaganda and begin the last 4 days of the schedule here in this part of Kazakhstan. Then back to Almaty-Ata for 24 hours for some follow-up to our week there and then we fly home … leaving here at midnight Sunday and arriving at home on Wednesday at 4:00 a.m. body time … a long haul. Prayer needed. Thanks.

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