Religion and God’s Power

People are really excited about hearing God speak and the gift of prophecy. For some here in city of Yekaterinburg, Russia the type of ministry we do is turning their world upside down. They have held to a “form of their religion but denied the power thereof…” and so, when the supernatural begins, they are astonished. In some ways it reminds me of the reaction of the people to Philip’s ministry in Acts 8 when the Gospel was spreading and being fully preached with words and signs and wonders. Here their regular understanding of Christianity is based on the Russian Orthodox model (an archbishop pictured in this blog) and so we are certainly somewhat different from their norm.

We are currently in a three day school for leaders and people and we are finding the people hungry for God and wanting all that He has for them regardless of the cost. They come early in the morning and stay till late at night. They bring their bibles, their journals and a pen and write notes on what is being taught and what God is saying to them. They seldom look up as they want to write extensive notes so they can study their notes later after we are gone. They are very appreciative of all that we are doing and in many small ways honor us as God’s ministers. Of course, the best reward is that they are so attentive and hungry and excited about what they are learning.

Please be in prayer for our three day school and for those in attendance. Pray for power, miracles, signs and wonders. We need more of God, His presence and His power. He has prophetically spoken words over this ministry three years ago about power so we are now asking Him to fulfill that prophetic word and allow us to walk in increasing power. We desperately want to see more lives impacted for the Gospel and the Kingdom in this city. Please pray against the spirit of religion and the spirit of tradition as they have a powerful grasp on the people and we would like to see many people come to know the Lord while we are here. You and your prayers are greatly appreciated.

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