Recent trip into Turkey February-March 2017

Ralph and a team member, Jeremy Wachtel from Ohio, spent two weeks in Turkey ministering together. It was a powerful time of ministry but also a good opportunity to connect as team members. Ralph has been mentoring Jeremy for a number of years and that relationship has now entered a friendship stage where they travel as equal members of the team representing Jesus through Ralph Howe Ministries.
First picture: Ralph sharing his testimony at a drug rehab house. There were 11 countries represented in this house in Istanbul and five different languages. made for interesting sharing. Many of those in the room were from other religions or atheists.


Second picture: Ralph and Jeremy sharing at a meeting of leaders from various house churches and ministries on the topic of discipleship and making disciples. A powerful afternoon of teaching and prophetic ministry.


Third picture: The host family that we stayed with. Amazing children and a good time of fellowship.



Fourth picture: Alexander (on the left) – our host. he is working in various ministries touching the lives of Muslims with the love of Jesus.


Fifth and sixth pictures: Tour of some ancient ruins from Bible days…

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