Found an interesting web site today. A set of twins – Alex and Brett Harris – have decided to challenge teens (their generation) to do more than what is expected of them. To do hard things. To challenge the status quo.

They have found that teens are often encouraged to see adolescence as a time to goof off and not do much of anything and definitely little of any significance. These young Christian men are challenging their generation to see the teen years as a time to prepare for their life’s purpose.

Instead of just living up to the somewhat low expectations of society – they have started what is called a rebelution – I suspect a play on the words revolution and rebellion. They are challenging teens to rebel against the status quo and to find out what God’s purpose for their lives is and then to begin now to prepare for it. This would then bring a revolutionary approach to their walk with the Lord and their ministry outreach to the lost.

Visit their web site. Have a look around. See what two young brothers are doing for the Lord because of their passion and commitment. They are on the web at

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