God Will Make a Way Where There Is No Way

I am reading Exodus 14 where Moses and the people of God have just exited Egypt after hundreds of years of slavery. They are following an unknown leader who has already failed them 40 years before this event and they are experiencing some concern about how this leader is leading them now in this current attempt to free them. Apparently He was sent by God and God is with him as they have seen many miracles, signs and wonders since he returned and confronted the ruler of the nation. But still, they are now confronted with their first of many obstacles and it looks totally hopeless.

As they follow the leader Moses and hopefully he really is following their God – they find themselves in a very difficult situation – they have the Red Sea in front of them, the army of Egypt behind them approaching fast (and they are slaves and so have no weapons and are not trained to fight), and mountains on both sides. Well, the story unfolds that God makes a way where there is no way. We all know the story. I know the story … first heard it in Sunday School before I was a teenager many years ago.

But, this time the Lord is showing me some insights to the story that I had not seen before. A number of revelations that brought new life to an old story. Powerful, dynamic, life-changing truths that are speaking to my world, me personally and the ministry that I now have in many nations around the world. And, these truths and insights are impacting my life as I unpack these truths and revelations.

Some of these insights have come directly from simply reading and re-reading the story … some through researching commentaries and older books in my extensive library, through reading the sermons of the preachers of the 1800’s and some through prayer and meditation. As well, there are a number of more current books out on this terrific story of deliverance and freedom that lend some marvelous insights into the interaction between God and His people. Thanks to all those who have found these truths before I have.

I believe this will become my first sermon / teaching series in 2010 and that I will teach it in January as I have four weeks in a row in the local church here in the city where I live and worship and I need three weeks to cover the material. Let me give you a sneak peak of what I am learning.

When you are facing a difficult situation where there appears to be little hope that it will work out well for you and those you love … here are ten things to remember…

1> Realize that God means for you to be where you are and knows you are there
2> Be more concerned for God’s glory than for your relief
3> Acknowledge your enemy, but keep your eyes on Jesus
4> Pray!
5> Stay calm and confident, and give God time to work
6> When unsure, just take the next logical step by faith
7> Envision God’s enveloping presence
8> Trust God to deliver in His own unique way
9> View your current crisis as a faith builder for the future
10> Don’t forget to praise Him

Stay tune .. I will comment on the series as I write it – and it will be available to listen to on The Point – our three times a week internet radio program (the seed of a 24 hour a day Christian radio on line) starting the beginnning of February … after we have test driven the material in front of a live congregation.

If you are facing a difficult start to a new year … carrying over some major issues and problems … then remember that God can and will make a way where there is no way … He always does.

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