Random Thoughts 17

I have noticed that often our focus when we come to together is somewhat blurred. Both leaders and followers are often focused on a current issue in their life or something that the Lord is dealing with in their hearts. So, they come to a meeting or an assembly of worship not single focused and often preoccupied with their personal issues or concerns. This hinders what the Holy Spirit is wanting to do – in a meeting where there is an agenda to be accomplished or in a worship assembly where we are there to honour the Lord and hear a good teaching from His Word.

As leaders we must be careful that our own personal issues in life do not get in the way of our leadership responsibilities. If we come looking inward then we are not leading. People will note that you are not “all there” and you will, in time, damage your leadership calling. People will see you as unreliable. They will see you as moody. They will begin to wonder, even before they see you, if this is another “we need to walk on eggshells” time with you because of your moods and preoccupation. They simply will see you as someone controlled by their feelings and thus not someone that they want to follow.

As a leader, if you are struggling with something (and all of us do), you need to push the “pause button” and just leave the issue mentally and emotionally for a while and do what God has called you to do – lead! Then, when you have fulfilled your obligations as a leader, push the “pause button” again and begin the thinking and feeling process once again so as to resolve and effective deal with your issues.

If you are called to lead then lead regardless of what is transpiring in your life. We all have issues that need to be dealt with and there is an appropriate time and place to do so. A public meeting that you are called to lead is not that place. So, get a handle on your feelings and don’t let the bumps in your personal or leadership journey prevent you from adequately fulfilling the call on your life.

If you are not a leader but you are actively involved in the life of the local church…Then, here again, you need to learn to push the “pause button.” If you come to an assembly focused on your issues then you take from what the Holy Spirit is wanting to do. You are self-focused and not God-focused.

You come to a service to honour and glorify God and your inner struggle and your outward moods are not helping you and others to accomplish that purpose. You are draining the energy of others and literally causing them to lose focus because they are listening to you as you explain and complain. Push the “pause button” an hour before you come. Get over yourself. Focus on the One who love you and is the real answer to all of your inner and relational issues. This will help you to focus and stay focused when you join others – who also have their individual concerns and issues … surprise, you are not the only one with an issue – and do what you have come together to do. Honour and glorify the Lord together.

Focus is really important in all aspects of the Christian journey. And, in my humble opinion, it is time that believers got over themselves so they can come together and edify and encourage others as they honour the Lord. In other words, live your life like there really is a God and that you really do know Him.

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