Random Thoughts 16

So, this young man was driving to work early one morning. In front of him was a one ton delivery truck that was moving forward at a decent clip. Due to the double lines on the road the young man was unable to pass the truck. But, he was not in a hurry and so he was content to follow behind the truck.

However, every few miles, at a convenient spot like a stop light or stop sign, the driver of the truck would get out, walk around his one ton vehicle and bang on the outer walls of the vehicle. He would immediately jump back into the driver’s seat and drive on towards his destination. The young man following the truck in his car was curious as to why the driver did what he did. And, then it would happen again. The driver stopped at the side of the road and walked around his truck and banged on the walls of the vehicle, got back into the cab of the truck and drove off. This happened over and over and over again.

Well, the young man became very curious as he watched the driver of the truck consistently do the same thing every few miles. So, having the time, he followed the truck to its destination. When they arrived the driver of the truck got out of his cab one more time and walked around the truck banging on the walls of the truck as he did so. Our friend in the car got out, stopped the truck driver, and asked him what he was doing and why did he do the exact same thing every few miles.

The truck driver was very friendly and explained that it was a one ton truck and that he was transporting two tons of canaries. So, he stopped every few miles  to bang on the walls of the truck because the canaries would get comfortable and settle down thus causing the truck to be overweight. So he banged on the walls occasionally so that half the canaries would continue to fly and then the truck was not over it legal load limit.

Christian church leadership is just like this. You constantly have to be stirring things up to keep half of the church moving forward and flying… so that they are not just additional weight to carry as we move the people of God’s Church forward to their divine destiny.


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