Random Thoughts 12

I met a few nights ago with a young apostle-in-training. Our conversation over supper focused on the call of God on his life and his current feeling of being in a rut. He reminded me of my definition of a rut – a grave with both ends kicked out. He is frustrated, bored, stuck, angry, and simply knows that where he is at in his life and journey with Jesus is neither fulfilling nor going anywhere. He feels trapped by life – he gets up in the morning, goes to work, comes home, has supper, kills a few hours, goes to bed, and then the whole routine repeats again and again and again. His bills are all paid, he has money in the bank, he has a decent job, he attends and is somewhat active in a local house church … And in spite of things working well for him he is not in the least bit happy.

We talked at length about his current situation and the possible reasons he is feeling as he does. And, as we chatted over a decent restaurant supper it became evident that he is suffering from “Divine Discontent.” This is a ‘dis-ease’ that God gives to those of His followers who have camped and stopped moving forward on their personal journey with Him. This ‘dis-ease’ also comes to one’s soul when God is wanting a person to move forward in the call that is upon their life and a giant step of faith in about to be required of them. This ‘dis-ease’ causes a person to want change and actually prepares them for major changes as a leap of faith approaches. Because they are no longer happy, contented, or satisfied they are open to the idea of a change no matter what the risk may be.

However, a decision is required. The person has to decide to move forward in the known will of God for his or her life. They have to say “yes” to the changes that are coming even though they don’t know what those changes are or what will be involved in the changes and required of him as he changes. This is the “faith” part of the next step or the leap that they are needing to take. God does not give us the details, just the big picture. And, when we are feeling this ‘dis-ease’ called “Divine Discontent” the details are most certainly lacking and even the big picture can be somewhat vague. It is the feeling of “Divine Discontent” that encourages and motivates us to move forward into our future – it is the feeling of discontent that encourages us to be open to the changes the Lord is wanting to see us make in our journey with Him.

So, this young man I spoke with for a few hours last week while ministering in Southern Manitoba, Canada simply needs to respond to the feeling I call “Divine Discontent” and embrace the changes that God is wanting and waiting to make. Saying “yes” without knowing the details or the risks involved. Saying “yes” because it is unbearable to stay where he is and live as he is living. This, in spite of how good things are at the present time. It is unthinkable that this inner misery would continue for a day longer. So, bring the change now Lord. This is the inner motivation to move forward with Jesus and begin to see the next step of his personal journey unfold as he is prepared to fulfill the call and divine destiny that has been revealed and spoken over his life powerfully almost a year ago.

I will be praying for him as these transitions are never easy.

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