Random Thought 23

Paul was a Master Builder (Apostle) and He always built with “Christ as the foundation.” Too often we are building with something or Someone other than Christ. For example, our foundation is:

  • Some major Christian personality or preacher like Bill Johnson
  • A church system like Bethel
  • A new church program like “Living in Freedom Everyday”
  • A new style of music like Hillsong
  • A new approach to ministry – multi-campuses
  • A new approach to evangelism – relational and not crusades
  • A fresh revelation – the Kingdom
  • A restoration of an old truth – Ministry of the apostle
  • The prosperity gospel

Paul writes, “For no one can lay a foundation other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ” (1 Corinthians 3:11). And yet we keep trying to build on so many other foundations. We continue to preach and teach so many other truths and principles – most of them good, I suspect – but do so at the neglect of the foundational message, Jesus Christ and Him crucified (1 corinthians 1:23).

I work with a young apostolic leader in  Southern Manitoba (Western Canada) who is passionate about returning his house church to the proper foundation. He talks about Jesus all the time. He shares Jesus, teaches about Jesus, and installs a love and passion for Jesus in his people. As we chatted the other week after a lunch of home made soup with his wonderful family he again mentioned the need to lay this correct foundation. He was deeply concerned that we lose Christ or miss Him all together in the midst of the hectic life of a regular local Church with all of its programs and various ministries. And, that we often short-circuit what God is wanting to do by helping people in the natural instead of pointing them to Christ.

Then here in Ohio where I am while writing this blog I just had lunch with a local pastor. He spent almost the whole two hour lunch talking about the ministry he and his people are accomplishing. He mentioned how busy and active they all were as if it were a badge of honour. There was a quick reference to Jesus and the rest was activities, programs, events, people, places, and plans. In the midst of this one of his people sent me a quote from a new version I had not heard of until yesterday. It reads, “Surrender your anxiety! Be silent and stop your striving. And you will see that I am God” (Psalm 46:10 TPT). We can quickly lose God in the midst of all this religious activity. Ministry can kill intimacy.

So, you don’t have to ask TPT is The Passion Translation… Yup! New to me too.

My point is that Jesus is God and often our busy activity for God prevents us from sensing His presence, walking in His power, and knowing deep inside His peace that passes all human understanding. We settle for religion and not a relationship because we have laid the wrong foundation (performance religion) and thus are building on another foundation other than Jesus Christ and Him crucified.”

Just a thought but maybe a game changer for some.


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