Raising Your Spiritual Temperature – Part Two

Last time we saw that for many disciples of Jesus our spiritual temperature for building relationships with the lost and sharing Jesus with them was somewhat lacking for many today. We began to look at what we need to do to raise our spiritual / evangelistic temperature and thus become committed to and deeply involved in The Great Commission – reach the lost, the last, and the least, the spiritually disconnected.

1> Engage in prayer for the spiritually disconnected (you might call them the lost) on a consistent and regular basis

2> Make time to be with those who are far from God

Along with praying for the lost and praying for yourself as you seek to reach out, make time to be with those who are far from God. Look at your schedule and honestly evaluate how much time you spend with non-Christians each week. Be sure you don’t get sucked into the black hole of church-related activities; instead, push yourself out into the community.

Far too many Christians have become insulated from the world. But Jesus intentionally and consistently spent time with people who were irreligious and even hostile to the faith. From what we can tell, Jesus even enjoyed being around these people, in their homes, at their parties, and involved in their lives. 

When we spend time face-to-face and heart-to-heart with those who are far from God, our evangelistic temperature is guaranteed to skyrocket! Following in the footsteps of Jesus, we begin to have hearts like His, filled with love and longing for people to know the grace that He offers them. If you have become too busy with church activities and hanging out with Christian friends, it might be time to make some changes in your schedule. Make time for family members, friends, and neighbours who are far from God.

3> Tell stories

Another way to raise your temperature is to tell stories. When you spend time with other Christians, use that time to do some mutual heart igniting. Tell stories about spiritual conversations you are having, about people you know who have come to faith in Christ, and about the steps forward people have taken in their spiritual journey. Talk openly about people you are praying for and reaching out to. Ask other believers what they are doing to share their faith. Talking like this should be an ordinary and organic part of our conversations with other Christians. As we talk together about how God is working among those we are reaching out to, temperatures rise. 

4> Make celebration natural

Another way to boost your spiritual temperature for reaching the lost and thus fulfilling The Great Commission is to make celebration natural. In your home, church, workplace – anywhere God takes you – make time to celebrate whenever someone takes a step forward in faith. 

When someone crosses the line of faith and receives God’s grace through Jesus Christ, temperatures jump! It’’s like pouring gas on a campfire. The angels of heaven rejoice and so should we (Luke 15:10). When we hear of a person accepting Jesus, we should tell their story to every believer we meet., This is not a time for quiet and introspective reflection. It’s a time to dance, sing, jump, and rejoice!

As we celebrate God’s amazing grace and rejoice that another sheep has been found, we will find ourselves longing for more, and our hearts will cry out to God with renewed passion.

Stories of conversion remind us that God has the power to soften the hardest of hearts. They propel us forward with renewed energy to pray, love, and share the gospel.