God Is Raising Up Five-fold Evangelists

I believe there is a dramatic change already in progress within the true Church of Jesus Christ in North America. This shift is going to involve everyone – every born again believer. This change will begin in the Charismatic, Spirit-filled side of the Christian Church where it will hit suddenly and with great force – becoming instantly active and bringing new life to the saints. As this change is happening to the people of God – it will be accompanied by the calling forth of a specific group of Spirit-filled, tongue-talking, Baptized in the Holy Spirit young people who will play a major roll in the coming move of the Spirit of God that will lead us to world-wide revival. It will then spread to other Born Again church groups involving all of God’s true disciples to participate in a fresh wave of His Spirit and power.

The change that has already begun is to switch the focus of the Church from internal to external. Many programs in local churches will cease unless they can be adapted and altered to allow them to become instruments in reaching the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many traditional programs and approaches will simply and abruptly cease as the call to evangelize rings loud and clear from the heart of the leaders and from the pulpits of the nations. Evangelism will be at the center of all aspects of the life of the Church for this is where “life” (zoe) will be seen and where “life” (zoe) will flow from to all other aspects of the life of the assembly.

Soon we will see the Lord lay an anointing for prayer upon some who never thought themselves to be called as intercessors – and they will pray for people to become soul winners and workers in the harvest fields. Others will be raised up as intercessors whose focus will be to fast and pray for the lost and their salvation. Still others will be raised up to pray and intercede for full-blown, world-wide revival. Prayer will become a powerful part of every day life in local churches, including Sundays.

God is calling every believer to do the work of an evangelist. As Paul told Timothy to “do the work of an evangelist” (2 Timothy 4:5) so God is calling all believers to witness to the lost and share the Gospel which is the power of God unto salvation (Romans 1:16). God is not calling everyone to be an evangelist – and he did not call Timothy to be an evangelist. The call is simply to do the work of an evangelist and evangelize. There will come about a complete change of heart among God’s people and they will begin to openly weep and even wail before the altars of our nations for the salvation of the lost. The heart of God towards the lost will become the heart of the believers for the lost – His pain will be our pain, His desires – our desires.

Along with this call being released we will see a new generation of five-fold evangelists called forth into the ministry. Their rise from obscurity into prominence will be rapid and powerful – a definite God-thing. Already the Spirit of God has been speaking to many younger believers about the call on their life into being full-time, five-fold, ascension gift evangelists. Some have already received the confirmation of their call through the words of seasoned apostles and prophets and their prophetic ministries. The Church will welcome them and listen to them as they not only evangelize but train many others in evangelism.

This God-directed altering of the very fabric of the Church is already in progress. Noticed by some and seen in a number of locations – soon to be seen and recognized everywhere in North America. No place will be left untouched by this move of God upon the hearts of His people – leaders and followers all at the same time.

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