Questions That I Ask Myself (and others)! – Part Three

One of the best ways to stay in touch with yourself is to find and use a series of questions for each of five different area of your life …. 

If we find or design these questions and then ask ourselves these questions on a regular basis we will be better able to stay in touch with who we are called by the Lord to be and what the Holy Spirit is guiding us to do. 

I believe it was the ancient philosopher Plato who said, “An unexamined life is not worth living!” 

I spend time every month or so taking a look at who I am and where I am at in my journey with Jesus and my journey through life. I usually record my findings in my journal and even, at times, write a blog or two in relation to my findings. I find this discipline to be helpful and healthy. I call it taking a personal inventory.

I will be sharing, over the next couple of days, the lists I use to examine several key areas of my life. It might be helpful if you took some time to go through the questions and honestly answer them for yourself. Or, even better, if you take this idea, run with it, and develop your own list of questions that you will then use to examine your journey. 


  1. Are the people closest to me in ministry lifting me higher or dragging me down? 
  2. How have I intentionally developed new and potential leaders around me in the past week? 
  3. Am I speaking transparently with at least two other close trusted friends on a weekly basis? 
  4. Am I submitting myself to the correction and coaching of at least two mentors? 
  5. Am I holding a grudge against someone? 
  6. Am I speaking well of other ministers? 
  7. Am I falling for the temptation of comparing, complaining, criticizing or gossiping? 
  8. Are my words and relationships characterized by words of faith or negativity? 
  9. Do people enjoy being around me or am I often “down”? 
  10. Have I made at least three new ministry friends in the last year?