Prophetic Word For The Praries – By Dennis Cramer

I have been preparing the prairies for an outpouring of My Spirit which will be nothing less than a flood of the supernatural. I will flood the prairies, I will flood the prairies, I will flood the prairies, with a wave of My supernatural power. Signs, wonders, healings and miracles will explode. But more than that, the Lord of the Church and the Lord of the prairies says, that I will flood the prairies with My glory, My glory, My glory, My glory, My manifest presence, says the Lord. My kabod, My weightiness shall flood the prairies, says the Lord. And you will see unprecedented things occur – we’ve never heard of that before, where is that in the Bible? God says, I will do things on the prairies never done since the Book of Acts. I will do things in the prairies that man said I could not do. I will get the glory from the glory that I pour out upon the prairies. There shall be a flood and those that would wade into the flood of this glory shall become contaminated with that same glory and where they go they will take it to other portions of this nation and to the other nations of the earth. For you shall pick up from the mere contact with this glory a deposit of the glory and I will use many of you in this room to take this deposit of My glory to the nations of the earth.

I have moved in this nation twice in the last century. I will do it again in this century for I have strategically placed this nation high on the list of nations and you shall be used to influence the world not in political, economic or military power; but I shall use this nation to influence the nations of the earth in spiritual power. For the glory of the Lord, the glory of the Lord, the glory that you read about in the Old Testament, the glory that caused My servants to fall on their face, the glory that caused people to drop down, the glory that caused people to ask Me to pass by lest they be destroyed; God says it will be that new level of My manifest presence, My glory says the Lord, shall fill the whole earth but especially a flood of glory shall be poured out upon the prairies, says God.

There shall be great revival in some of the most unknown areas and I will bring in people from the north, south, east, and west; airports will book extra flights, airports will book extra flights for I will bring people into this nation and there shall be healing centers in the prairies where healings will occur in ways never known before. And God says I have done all of this because I founded this nation upon a principle; that if you would do My will I would raise it up and make it a great nation on the earth. Again, the purpose of this nation is to house or to host what I want to do. There will be many in this nation who will rise up intellectually to attempt to destroy the move of the Spirit – but God says, I will remove them, in some cases violently, and I will have a people in this   nation who will host the Ghost.

And so God says get ready for the glory, get ready for the glory, get ready for the glory. It shall be nothing less than a mighty flood, flood, flood, flood. I will flood the plains, and I will flood the prairies, I will flood the prairies, I will flood the prairies, says the Lord.


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