Prophetic Vision

When we are talking a vision for a local church it must be a revelation from the Lord to the leader. This vision is then confirmed by the leadership as the details of the vision are shared with them. Once there is agreement and confirmation then the vision is shared with the people.

Proverbs 29:18 states: “Where there is no prophetic vision, the people are discouraged” and so a stated vision is essential for God’s people in the local assembly to be encouraged and even enthusiastic about what God is asking them to be and become as well as do or accomplish in His Name.

This prophetic vision begins with a clear vision of the Lord Himself – the real Jesus, the Bible Jesus. Jesus came to reveal the Father to us and so when we have an accurate picture of Jesus we then have a decent understanding of God the Father. Upon this foundation we can then understand His Church.

In other words, having a revelation of Jesus and thus of the Father helps us to become a vital part of His Kingdom as ambassadors of that Kingdom in the world. Then we can grasp His plans and purpose for the Church which reaches out into the world on behalf of the King and His Kingdom.

The local church is established within the Kingdom and built upon biblical principles and truth. The revelation we receive from the Holy Spirit – the vision – is the specific flavor of the local church itself. Just as each child within any given family is different and unique so each church within the family of God and His Kingdom is unique and different. God reveals these details of purpose, personality, plans, perspective, and other particulars and these form the vision of the local assembly.

This local vision is never in conflict with the revelation of God, the revelation of the plans and purpose of God, nor the revelation of the Church that Jesus is building as found detailed throughout the New Testament. Everything fits together and comes together at the local level when the vision is truly a revelation from the heart of the Father for His people.

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