Prophetic Ministry is Powerful

We spend a great deal of our time in each service ministering the Word of the Lord. Every service has a teaching element to it as we open God’s Word and proclaim what we believe the Lord is telling us to teach. However, we also want to open God’s heart and allow Him time and space to speak personally to individuals, local leadership teams and local churches. So, we are careful to guard our time and use it wisely so that all aspects of the ministry are accomplished in good order and done with reverence and a sense of awe as they should be.

As we minister we are always amazed at what the Lord speaks to people as He comments on their future and the potential or possibilities that exist if they will cooperate with the words spoken and walk in His will for their lives. And, it is exciting, because this is a return visit to this neck of the woods, to hear about what has happened in the past twelve months to those who received a prophetic word last year on our visit. Drug addicts set free and into ministry; alcoholics who are out of bondage and loving their wives and children; pastors who were discouraged and about to leave the ministry now ministering powerfully and with enthusiasm once again; men who have seen their words fulfilled and now live hundreds of kilometers away and are heading up a new ministry in an area that has never heard the Gospel simply based on a Word of the Lord receivd a year ago during a local church service. I stand in awe of God’s goodness and His wonderful plans for people who love Him.

For some of the churches we are ministering in the prophetic ministry is new to them. So, our teachings are basic as we explain what prophecy is and that it is for today and did not ‘peter out with Peter.’ In other churches and locations they are more than use to the prophetic flow of the Holy Spirit and we can enter into a greater anointing and move right into the prophetic anointing ministering at greater depths because of greater expectations. Both are wonderful and powerful because in both situations God is speaking and blessing His people with direction and His plans and purpose for them.

We are honored to be a small part of what is going on here in Russia as God prepares the nation for a major role in the worldwide move of the Holy Spirit and the last days harvest. And, thank you for having a part – an important part – in this ministry we are experiencing daily here through your prayers and financial support. Both are greatly appreciated.

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