Prophecy Over a Church – Russia #11

Today we are beginning four days of work with a different group in the Moscow area – including the City of Mytischy which is simply another large city on the other side of the ring road that circles the City of Moscow. We are working with a number of new churches under the oversight of Bishop Pavel – a young man with a big vision whom we met on our last trip to Russia.

Last time we were here he drove from Moscow to Ivanovo to meet with us and receive a prophetic word. It is a five hour drive one way. So, we stayed in touch and he invited us to minister in a number of his churches as well as to his leadership.

When we first visit a church we have the leadership come up to the front during the service and we prophesy over the church and over the senior leaders (pastor and spouse usually). Pictured above – one such prophetic ministry time during one of our recent visits to this nation (another church in the Moscow area). It is always an exciting time because we are helping to paint a picture – partial though it may be – of the future direction of the local church as well as adding understanding regarding the changes and adjustments that the Lord will be making and what the Lord will be using the local assembly to accomplish for Him and His Kingdom.

This time we will be doing that form of prophetic ministry over a number of churches in this union and I believe it will have a tremendous impact upon each and everyone one of them. And, for the first time, we are planning to prophesy over a network or union. This is a young network of churches and I believe God has a signifigant role for them to play in the evangelization of this nation. So, we are recommending a time in one of the services where all the leaders from the various churches are present during which we will honor the Lord in worship and then prophesy over the network.

Please be praying for the next four days as we work in this network. It is our first visit and we want to bless them abundantly and have a signifigant spiritual impact in our limited time with them. Pray for Bishop Pavel (Paul) and his leadership.

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  1. Louise
    Louise says:

    This is very exciting – to help this network find their place in God’s plans and to help to release them into it by teaching and ministering prophetically to them. God Bless you and your team. we will be praying for you at church Sunday morning. I am praying now …


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