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Dad and mom were generous with the advice they offered as I was growing up …
They would often look at a situation and give me their viewpoint even when I was not looking for input
In hindsight they had a lot of wisdom which they were sharing when they thought it would help
Most times I really was not all that appreciative of their input
One tidbit of wisdom I always remember was from my dad – I remember it because I heard it so often
“You can do anything you set your mind to”
And that has proved true over the years since I first heard it
The other piece of advice came from my mom and dealt with my friends and those I chose to hang around with

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This week Ralph will be teaching on “Sometimes I Lose My Focus.” There have been times in his life when he has been distracted from doing what the Lord has called him to accomplish. Other times he has felt like he was being torn apart and destroyed by people’s demands and expectations. Times when he was discouraged and disappointed and even felt defeated.

Most believers and disciples of Jesus can relate these feelings as they are common in the life of followers of Jesus. And, of course, those who do not know Jesus are also bothered by these feelings as well.

Ralph will be sharing the lesson that he learned that helps to defeat these feelings when they start to happen. The main reason we feel this way is that we have lost our focus. And, the sooner we regain that focus the quicker we defeat the feelings that are holding us back and robbing us of he joy of the Lord and the abundant life that Jesus promised His followers.

In our busy world with all the demands that are made daily on our lives this teaching will help you to maneuver through all the distractions in a healthy way that leads to liberty and freedom.

This weekend – February 27th and 28th … available on audio at and as a full written copy at



Blogs for the week of March 1st to 5th, 2021

This week and all month we will be looking at hearing the voice of God. Many believers think that they do not hear God’s voice and yet Scripture states that “MY sheep hear My voice.” So, the truth is that every believer is hearing the voice of God but are not recognizing that it is God’s voice.

During this month and into the beginning of April Ralph will be looking briefly at the 32 ways God speaks to people today. Join us on this important journey as we learn to accurately hear the voice of the Living God and in this way deepen our relationship with Him.

This week: “Hearing the Voice of God – Parts 1 to 5″

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We are introducing “Transformation Ministries” which has just begun ministering after months of preparation and prayer. This is another but separate outreach of Ralph Howe Ministries which is now entering its third decade of ministry.

As a result of a number of prophetic words received since October, 2015 Ralph, along with a number of young leaders from several nations, has formed this ministry to take the Gospel, which is the power of God unto salvation, to the next generation. This ministry will be transforming lives as they plant churches and open safe centers for those who are looking for freedom and a new way of life.

Transformation Ministries will be raising up and training young leaders who are willing to “go and make disciples of all nations.” This ministry will find, train, mentor, and release young men and women who serious about Jesus and are wanting to make a major difference in this world desiring to see lives transformed by the power of the Gospel.

Transformation Ministries will also be focused on ministering to those between the ages of 16 and 36 as it plants house churches on university campuses in the nations where Ralph has already established his ministry. And, it will be planting house churches for young people in cities and towns where the next generation is not yet being impacted with the Gospel.

Transformation Ministries is focusing on seeing young lives totally and supernaturally transformed by the power of the Gospel and then equipped and released to touch the lives of other youth around the world.

As a registered charity in the nation of Canada we are reaching out to nations of the world with the powerful, transforming message of the Gospel.


Ralph Howe Ministries is run completely from donations. Expenses such as airplane travel, web design and management and visa documents come out of these givings. Your donations also help to support many young families as men and women all over the world obey God’s command to reach the nations with the gospel!

If you would like to give to Ralph Howe Ministries, simply click the Donate button on the right of the home screen.

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