Problems or Presence

Sometimes as Christians, churches, and church leaders we think our role is to remove problems in our community and in people’s lives. But, think about it, if we removed every problem, I bet the same amount of people would still die with a Christless eternity – maybe even more. It is problems that really often bring people to the cross and cause knees to bend and ears to finally hear the voice of God. So, we must be very careful with he current trend in born again churches where they are moving towards the social gospel, justice, and recreating the social order to establish the Kingdom of God in cities and countries. Much of what is passing for the Christian life, the Gospel Jesus preached, and the ministry we are to have is anything but biblical or right.

We are in the life-changing business. And, lives only change when people meet God head-on and in this encounter discover that the Bible is true and that Jesus is the only way to salvation and life eternal in Heaven. When lives are not being changed in and through our churches, I see the hand of God lifting from them. We are maintaining and doing services. We are being benevolent and doing counseling, but something is not taking place. People are not being attracted to the cross, and so it is time to take a deep, hard look at what we are doing and reinvest in the one thing that matters – changed lives through a life-changing encounter with the living God (salvation).

We are forgetting the church’s core assignment. We can do other things, but don’t forget who we are. The identity of the Church is the place where the presence of God dwells. And when the presence is there people with problems will be drawn to the Church and come to know God their heavenly Father through Jesus’ death and resurrection. Then and only then can permanent change come into a life and the problems be adequately and permanently dealt with because the Holy Spirit now lives in the person and will guide and direct him or her and transform them from the inside out.

So, let us be about our business of telling others about Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to do His work.

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