President of Presbyterian Union of Russia, Sergei Sinyakov

We had different prophets coming and ministering to us. They’d come with their spiritual keys and they’d open doors to places where supernatural knowledge is hidden. Of course when we saw it we would get ignited, encouraged and would move upon it. But when those prophets would leave, they’d close those doors and take the keys with themself.

But this time everything was not as usual and rather different. Lord sent to us brother Ralph. When he was about to close his last part of ministry session to us, we realized one significant thing – this time we’ve not only received a now-word and encouragement or inspiration, this time theLordhasgivenusmuch morethroughRalph – it was the key by which the supernatural knowledge, direction and vision can be available to us all the time. The Lord has also given us through Ralph instructions and insights of how to use it in a way that we would move in this ministry and not harm ourselves or others, but would allow God reveal us things for others knowing that it’s not just some human things but something that God wants to give us and others.

During 18 years of my life I had questions that were lying on the shelves of my soul and it was about the supernatural life of the Church and the Church’s moving in supernatural anointing. I was waiting for the time to come and kept believing that one day the Lord would give me the answers to my questions.

And recently, during the ministry of Ralph, God has answered though himto all of my questions. At that point I received a clear vision and understanding of how one can move in the gift of prophetic anointing and the gift of supernatural ministry without destroying andworking in a safe manner!

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