Praying About Small Things

Jim Cymbala, a pastor in New York, states: “Don’t worry about bringing small things to God, for with God everything is small.” I totally agree and would add: “Therefore bring the large things – the major issues in your life – to Him as well.” In fact, good advice to heed would be – bring everything to God in prayer … everything. After all, as it states in Luke’s Gospel “Nothing is impossible with God.”

Why don’t we take everything to Him in prayer? Because we trust in our own strength and wisdom; we believe in our own plans and follow our own agenda. We think we know enough and are smart enough to solve the issues on our own and without His help. But, when eveything fails, we do admit, in a way, that we can’t do it on our own because then, and often only then, do we pray about it. What stupid people we, as believers, really are.

One of the churches that I work with here in Canada sent over a short praise report a few weeks ago – just before Christmas. It said: “Just wanted to share a couple of awesome testamonies that were shared at our Christmas breakfast Sunday morning. A couple were feeling a financial crunch and just prayed for God to help them out the other day just driving along in the city. Then later that day they received a cheque that they weren’t expecting for some time and it was for at least double the amount expected! Then, we had prayed for a lady … for swelling in her ankles that had become quite serious, about 3 weeks ago . She said she noticed that her ankles were not swelling anymore (about 2 weeks ago) and there has been no swelling since. Praise God!! He is so faithful.” [I changed the names into generic “she” and “they” removing the actual names of real people]

Reports like this should be a daily thing as God is always wanting to be involved in the daily affairs of our lives. Our lack of fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit on a daily basis and then not taking our requests – small and large – to God our heavenly Father in prayer causes us to live way below our potential. As a result we struggle with things we should not be struggling with and face situations alone when God wants to handle them with ius and often for us (so that we are not even involved). We fight many battles we don’t need to. If we would only listen for His voice we would hear, as Jehosaphat did, “stand still and watch the Lord fight your battles.”

I have begun a prayer journal in the last few weeks. I miss so many opportunities to praise Him and thank Him because He is constantly answering my prayers and yet I miss this fact because I often forget that I prayed about it. But, He never forgets and brings the answer to our prayers in His perfect timing. However, by then the prayer request is long forgotten. So, I simply record the things I speak to Him about on the left hand side of a journal’s double page – and then, every few weeks, I review what I have prayed about (and written down) and record the answers that have been received on the other blank page on the right hand side opposite the request. I date the requests and the answers … facinating exercise and really encoures me to pray about even more things – including the small and often apparently insignifigant things.

Thanks Pastor Jim. Blessings on you and your ministry.

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