Powerful Prophetic Prayer

Many years ago I spent a whole day drinking coffee at a Sambo’s restaurant and reading the Gospel according to John in one sitting. It was then, for the first time, that I noticed Jesus’ words – repeated frequently throughout the Gospel – when He states that He only does what He sees His Heavenly Father do and only speaks what He hears His Father speak. This insight about His ministry radically altered my ministry. And, it changed forever my concept of prayer. Prayer, for many, is going to the Father with a “shopping list” of concerns, cares, and criticisms and letting Him know what they need. This is a very limited view of prayer as Jesus said that “the Father knows what you have need of before you ask”. Prayer was meant to be so much more than this. We should go in to our daily prayer time (not our quiet time – I want to hear God speak to me and that’s not quiet) recognizing that He is God and, as such, should be given the first words. We should go in to listen to His heart first so that we can hear what He is saying and see what He is about to do in our daily life. Then, we should come into agreement with what we are seeing and hearing. 1 John 5 states that when we pray according to His will we can pray with assurance and certainly that what we are praying for we have already received. So, listen first and then pray in line with what you hear because that is God’s will for you today!

Since that time – prayer is an opportunity to let God speak into my life and let me in on what He is planning to do. Then I come into agreement with Him and live my life in obedience to what I heard and saw during my time with Him. I wait on Him early in the morning. I see it as a senior partner / junior partner situation in this enterprise called “my life”. So, I listen to my Senior Partner and wait upon Him. He brings revelation to my heart and mind. I come into agreement with it – most times after discussing it with Him so that I have a better understanding of what it is He is saying and after expressing any concerns I may have. This is “prayer”. Then I walk out that revelation during my day.

Peter declares that Jesus is the Christ. Jesus gets excited and congratulates Peter. Now, the content of the revelation was not new. John the Baptist had already declared it. The disciples, as a group, declared it after Jesus and Peter had walked together on the water and returned to the boat. What was new was the way Peter had come to that conclusion. It was not through rational thinking nor through reasoning and discussion; it was a revelation direct from the Father’s heart. Then Jesus said that His Church would be built upon this – built upon the receiving of revelation from the Father’s heart. In other words, listening and watching, hearing and seeing, obeying and speaking what you see and hear. This is the true prophetic. This is “powerful prophetic prayer” that always brings results and receives answers (1 John 5:14-15). This is the realm of the supernatural that is open to all believers because Jesus said that His sheep can hear His voice.

So, the Lord would say:
My Church will be built upon the daily revelations received by the believers that are then acted upon. This Church will walk differently than in the past for they will walk with authority and certainty that they are about their Father’s business. They will know that as they say what I have spoken to them and do what I have shown to them that I will confirm their words and actions as we walk together in agreement. This is a new season of obedience and fruitfulness for My Church which will result in many becoming my disciples and being turned into a powerful force for righteousness. A new breed of radically focused believers who will reach out and win the lost transforming the world by following, on a daily  basis, what they hear and see in their time alone with me. My Church shall become strong and will fulfill her purpose and calling as she walks in this realm of revelation and begins to function in true prophetic prayer that is powerful. I am building My Church My way and the gates of Hell will not prevail against her.


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  1. Keziah
    Keziah says:

    Praise the LORD.. I’m here for prophecy for my friend whose name is Arshad, he is falling in whatever he is doing in his life from past many years, could you please pray for him and prophecy about him?

    • ralph
      ralph says:

      To receive a prophetic word your friend should attend a church that believe in the prophetic and see what the Lord might say to him through the prophetic gifts. This ministry has daily requests for prophetic words and made the decision years ago that we just could not meet those needs and so we do not prophesy other than in public services in local churches.


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