Power from the Holy Spirit

God has given us power – His power when the Holy Spirit came upon us and we were baptized in the Holy Spirit and received the gifts of private tongues and prophecy. Power to do as He calls us to do – reach out to those who are in need and touch them supernaturally and powerfully.

This power is also to enable us to seek and save the lost. God will heal and deliver those who are unbelievers and skeptics because He wants to demonstrate that Jesus is alive and that Jesus cares. He does this through each of us – if we will let Him.
We have the power; all we need to do now is release it and let it flow. Jesus said that “rivers of living waters would flow from our inner person or our spirit (John 7) and I say, ‘Let the river flow, Lord!’ And He will when we let Him know we are sincerely interesting in being used powerfully to heal and deliver those who are oppressed of the Devil just as He did (Acts 10:38) and still wants to do through us – His Church today.

So, step out in faith. Ask people if you can pray for them. Believe that when you do supernatural things will happen and people will impacted, touched, healed, delivered, and permanently changed – changed forever. Every day ask God to use you. Every day release the power and say, ‘Holy Spirit, flow through me and use me today.’ And be prepared to see miracles, signs and wonders. God will not disappoint.

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