When I travel overseas to minister there are a vast numbers of elements that make up a day’s ministry … meetings with pastors where I listen and advise, teaching God’s Word to public meetings, times of prayer with various leaders, fellowship over meals, prophesying over leaders, people, and organizations (and occasionally a nation)… Of course, people want to receive a prophetic word and so this aspect of the ministry can and often does occupy a great deal of my time.

The prophetic words received always speak to the potential of the person. They are futuristic, stating the opportunities that God is offering to the person – opportunities not certainties; possibilities, God’s best plan should the person choose to walk in it and cooperate with Him. Often people look at this and think that God is speaking to what is ahead. However, God sees your future not as what lies ahead of you but what lies within you.

When God speaks to a person’s potential in the prophetic He is speaking to what He has placed within a person. Potential is everything you can be but have not become yet. It’s everything you can do but haven’t done yet. It’s everywhere you can go but have not gone yet. Potential is the books you can write that you haven’t written yet. It is the life you’ve always wanted to live but have not lived yet. It is like a huge engine – running idle. It is energy still underutilized, power yet unleashed, and strength yet used.

When your potential is tapped-out in the place you have been, it may require another location to uncork potential that lies latent within. In other words, your prophetic word will require that you relocate. It may not state that but it will become evident in time that this is part of the details God didn’t mention. Other times, your potential (your prophetic word) may require a new vision or a renewed cause that you have lost sight of. But whatever the direction, whatever is required, you will need to cooperate, work and pray hard, keep in line with what God has stated is your potential, and watch that potential be released.

So, the prophetic always speaks to your potential. Potential always lies ahead of you, not behind you. It is found in what can still be done, not in what you have already done.

I noticed that about Paul the apostle. Although older and in prison, facing the possibility of death, he garners a renewed energy to continue with vitality and buoyancy. Where does he garner this energy?
Philippians 3:12 gives it away: “I press on so that I may lay hold of that for which also I was laid hold of by Christi Jesus.” In other words, God had a purpose for his life, he heard that purpose through both an inner whisper in his spirit as well as prophetically a number of times, and he is doing all he can to move forward into that prophetically stated future.

Your past may be filled with trophies or checkered with failure, but in either case, evaluate what you can improve on and what God has asked of you – what you can still accomplish. Think through your prophetic potential and let His Words excite you and awaken you each morning. When you do, you will find a brand new hope. And, hope in the future brings power in the present and you will find yourself living with new energy. You will have then tapped in to your potential – it is there inside you, within the wrappings of your passion and packaged within holy parameters. Spend time unwrapping God’s potential as stated and find out who you really are. Surrender! Because when you do, your best days will await your arrival.

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