Planting Churches

Pictured: Two pastors – one from Moscow and one from Novomoskovsk. One who is Russian and one who originally came from Africa to study electrical engineering and stayed to pastor and plant churches. Both leaders in different unions (networks of churches) sharing fellowship with Ralph late one night in Russia.

God is bringing together different streams of His Church with one common goal – planting churches where there is no witness for the Gospel. In some areas of the world a new church is being planted very hour of every day. In other areas it is even happening faster than that. And, leaders are designing their lifestyles around the fact that they want to move out and plant new churches. Their work, their family, their involvements are all geared around the one vision and one goal of seeing the lost saved and churches planted to nurture and raise up the new believers.

But, they are also wanting to see each new church plant another church (a sister church) within the first year of their existence. And then, at least one more new church plant each year after that. Disciples winning people to the Lord and churches planting churches – a definite winning combination. This is all they talk about, dream about, plan for, and live for. It is the focus of literally every conversation and they will not be sidetracked into doing other things. They want to see the lost saved and churches planted and growing. They are investing their lives in this – it consumes them.

For the past five years I have wanted to be planting a new church. I have prayed and planned. I have talked and shared my vision. I have sought finances for this outreach. I have invited other church leaders and churches – both those in the Network I belong to and others – to join with me and see what the Lord could accomplish as we reached out together to the lost and planted churches in our cities and larger towns. No real response and even less excitement. Maybe it wasn’t time for such a vision. Maybe I presented the vision poorly. Maybe I came on too strong. I don’t know.

But I do know it is time now to become very serious about winning the lost and planting new churches; training and raising up new leaders for these new churches; and simply praying and planning to take our cities for Jesus. I am involved in doing just this overseas in a number of nations – including learning from some leaders who are certainly actively involved in doing just this and doing it very, very well. I will invest my life, my time, and my money in people who are hungry to see God’s purpose fulfilled and who are willing to live in such a way – even sacrificially – so as to establish the Kingdom of Light where there is currently only darkness.

I would love to hear from others who might want to pursue God’s agenda no matter where in the world you live. Together with Him we can do it!

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