Personal Values to Be Embraced

If someone asked you what your values in life were, how would you answer? My daughter was asked that in a university class and it caused her to do some deep thinking. The professor then asked them to mentally look around at their living room and describe what they saw as the contents of the room said a great deal about what was valued and how life was lived.

I got to thinking about that the next morning and reviewed my values – the ones I believe I currently hold as they do change was we get older and hopefully wiser. I am convinced from personal experience and over 40 years of ministry that good values are the road to a better life. Good values are teachable and reachable. And, just one good value in a person’s life can bring tremendous change and great value. 

Here are some of the values I have been reviewing this morning after my daughter’s comment that evening at our house church…

  • ATTITUDE – Your attitude colours everything in your life, especially relationships
  • COMMITMENT – It separated doers from dreamers and determines your future
  • COMPETENCE – The shortest path to serious credibility with others is competence
  • FORGIVENESS – Forgiveness empowers you live in freedom and with a light heart
  • INITIATIVE – You cannot accomplish anything for God unless you start
  • INTEGRITY – Living with integrity leads to a life of wholeness and people will respect and trust you
  • PERSONAL GROWTH – People who continue to learn always have a future
  • PRIORITIES – Clear priorities show you what to do and where to go
  • RELATIONSHIPS – The quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life
  • WORK ETHIC – Working hard brings inner satisfaction every day

So, have a look around the main rooms in your home and see what they are saying to you about values. Take a look at your calendar and what occupies your free time away from work and see what you really value. And, take a look at what you spend your discretionary income on as this too is a determining factor in sorting through your values.

Then, think through which values need some work and maybe even note the ones that are missing. The list above is not exhaustive in the least. In my own personal list I have others like:

  • Wisdom
  • Freedom
  • Solitude and silence
  • Achievement
  • Respect
  • Dignity 

Choosing and knowing your values can provide a number of benefits that include:

  • Reducing stress
  • Making better decisions
  • Finding environments and people that support your aspirations
  • Increasing joy and happiness
  • Supporting your growth and development
  • Helping in times of conflict or confusion
  • Growing contribution and value
  • Providing motivation

Knowing it or not, choosing it or not, all of us have a set of personal core values. Prevent discontent, conflict, frustration and lack of fulfillment by choosing consciously the values by which you want to live.

And remember, it is not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.