Personal Reflections – Abandoning the Faith 3

Christians Who Abandon the Faith – Part Three

We are looking at why people who professed to be believers, Christians, and who confessed Jesus as their Lord and Saviour no longer believe and have totally walked away from the Christian faith.

We saw in recent blogs that the reasons are varied and include:

1> The horrible way that Christians treat each other both publicly and privately, in person and online.

2> The canned superficial answers they had been given to complicated life questions. Questions that we don’t answer because we live a surface faith without ever dealing with the hard life issues and apparent contradictions within the Scriptures. 

The third reason believers totally abandon the faith is that their “God” did not meet their expectations.

When a person becomes a believer they often enter into the faith with expectations – of the God they are now getting to know, of the church that they have chosen to attend, aa well as expectations of other believers. Add to this the “promises” that are found in the Bible and that they are often told they can claim, and you have a serious opportunity for disappointment and failure in their walk as believers.

It could be a tragedy that they experience. It could be a painful life event. It could be something dark and horrible that they have prayed to be delivered from for years and God does not come through at the right time – thus, God simply does not care. Or, as mentioned above, a promise in Scripture the they stood on in faith and believed was their’s, but never saw materialize.

As a result, they totally walk away from the faith disillusioned and defeated.

The fourth reason many leave the faith and live without any belief in Jesus and what He accomplished on the cross is the stupidity and ignorance of so many people who call themselves Christians.

Too many Christians that I know actually believe what they read on the internet – Facebook, Twitter, and all the other numerous social apps. And, actually believe what they read without checking out the facts or the source of the content. This goes for what they also see on television and in the news. And worse than that, they then spread what they have read or heard as if it were 100% true and accurate. 

Regrettably, many believers believe whatever they read or hear. And some of it is obviously stupid and “from another planet.” 

Those who are wiser and smarter don’t want to be associated with these people. They eventually think, “If Jesus was the Saviour of the world, who are so many of His followers so stupid?” … “If Jesus is the head of the Church, why is His Church so dysfunctional and so toxic in so many cases?” So, they start questioning the claims of the Lord Himself. And, as a result, walk away from the faith because of what others believe and how they live out their faith. 

I am personally bothered by both these reasons why people totally abandon the Christian faith. I have always said that the Christian faith needs to be examined and found to be true by each person for themselves. A person’s faith needs to be based on personal experience and not on what others have told you and what others believe and propagate. You cannot determine your walk with Jesus by what others are saying or how they are living. It is a faith that requires we seek for the truth for yourself and then build your life upon that foundation. It is a faith that must first be rooted and grounded in love – a love that we encounter when we are born again and that we then experience on a daily basis throughout our Christian walk. 

There will always be those who believe whatever they hear regardless of the source and the content. There will always be those who live the Christian faith on the surface and never put down roots discovering the truth of the faith for themselves. Thus, they believe everything they hear and live a superficial faith based on half-truths and lies. There will always be those who design their own ‘religion’ believing what they want to believe and treating many of the absolutes and commands of Scripture as options that they can choose or reject. 

But, we need to keep our eyes of Jesus and forgive the attitude, behaviour, and beliefs of others who say they are followers. We are accountable for our own lives and should not be basing our faith on our own personal expectations or what others believe and teach.