People Are Afraid to Be Amazing

In our world and in the Church culture of our day people are afraid to be themselves. They are afraid to be who God created them to be. They are nervous about being different than everyone else and marching to the beat of a different drum. They do not express their uniqueness but rather buy in to a certain lifestyle that appears inviting and then they do everything they can to be the same as others living in that lifestyle – to fit in and be one of the “crowd.”

Example: Teenagers and guys in their early twenties worldwide wear oversized blue jeans that slide down over their backsides revealing their multi-colored boxer undershorts for the world to see. It is the same in every nation. People needing to or wanting to fit into a certain group and therefore not expressing their uniqueness as God would want them to – asks them to – needs them to.

Every one of us has been created by God to be unique and different then the others around us. We were created by God to be unique and to do amazing things for Him. But most are afraid to be different and unique and go against the flow. Therefore most never do anything amazing in and with their lives.

Most people are too concerned with what others will think – as if they really do think about you in a normal day. Many don’t want to be different because then they will stand out and might be noticed. Penelope Trunk wrote in one of her books “People are afraid to be amazing.” I agree. Because we don’t express ourselves and the unique person we really are – there has never been anyone like you on the face of the planet and never will be another like you – then we are not and can’t be amazing.

To be amazing you need to know who you really are. Not who you have become to fit in with the crowd you hang out with and relate to. Not who you are in your chosen lifestyle that you worked so hard to reach and now bust your butt to maintain. Not the “you” that changes depending on the expectations of the people you are currently interacting with. Not the person who is defined by the way you dress and where you live and the type of car you drive.

To be amazing you need to know the real you that is hiding inside – the unique person that God created in His image and that is a unique expression of God’s character and nature upon the earth.

But then we are faced with a bit of a problem. To express who we really are and thus be unique and amazing we need to take the time to come to know the real person on the inside; the essence of who you uniquely are as originally created by God. You will need to remove socially acceptable behavior, the expectations you have of yourself and that others have of you; you will need to remove the various masks that you wear in each situation; you will need to unlock the doors of your heart and come to know yourself; you will need to examine your life and discover new things about the real and unique you. Then – and only then – will the hard work begin.

The hard work is to then change the outside to match what you have discovered and uncovered about who you really are. To have integrity you will need to begin to adjust, remove, and change many things in your life and lifestyle to better express the real you, the unique you, the amazing you that you have now uncovered and discovered. Only the really brave need apply as this will, of course, not be easy. As soon as you start this process you will find yourself no longer “floating downstream” with all the other dead fish but you will find yourself discovering real life as you swim upstream and go against the flow.

But, as you begin to change the outside to match the newly discovered and unque inside you will become the amazing person that God designed you to be. And, you will then begin to do amazing things for God as well.

This is why God created you – to be the you no one else can be – because the world needs the real you, the amazing you!

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