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When you share the Gospel, the power of God unto salvation, do you often feel like it is falling on deaf ears? Do you feel like you are talking to a brick wall? Ever thought that no one is interested in hearing truth these days so why bother trying? I mean, everyone is doing their own thing and most don’t even believe in God anymore. If they don’t want what I am offering and are not willing or even able to hear it – why do I keep trying?

If you have had thoughts like that – asked yourself questions like that – prayed to God in that mood – you are not alone. Many faithful believers and soul winners feel this way. But don’t give up being obedient and going witnessing. This is what we are commanded to do – to love our neighbors. Just remember that only God can answer the heartfelt sinister stalemate of the radically unchurched, the neo-atheist, or your lost relative, friend or neighbor. Only God knows what is on and in their hearts.

I had “given up” sort of on someone I have visited briefly several times a month over the last few years. Not interested in the Gospel I said to myself. Hard hearted and the seed is falling on hard ground and never getting to take root. A waste of my time. So, I had not seen this person in a good three months or maybe even somewhat longer. Then last Sunday I was driving home dodging hail storms and tornados and received a call on my cell phone. The long and the short of it – I will be having coffee with this person in mid-August at their invite. Ah! Maybe God is up to something.

And that is the key – God must be up to something in a person’s life and preparing them ahead of time to hear the Gospel or else we are seriously wasting our precious time and effort. This means that doubling our efforts and blindly going out and witnessing to anyone and everyone who will stop long enough to listen may not be the answer to our frustration and questions. And, may not bring any better results for all our increased effort then we have seen in the past.

Here’s a suggestion. In your time with the Lord in the morning ask the Lord to help you to be aware of what He is doing in people’s lives and in situations in which you will find yourself throughout the day. Ask Him to reveal the one or two people who are open and ready to listen and receive the Gospel. Ask Him to give you a word for or a prophetic sense about them. Then, when you become aware during the day who that person is – speak boldly what the Lord is showing you (prophesy) and watch your words release life and go straight to the heart as only a prophetic word can do. Speak to their potential, the opportunity God is giving them right there and then. Seize the moment.

In other words, change your approach to your neighborhood, work place, city or nation. See it the way God sees it. Change what you are thinking about those who you have tried to win to the Lord who have simply turned you off or rejected your message. Don’t look at what has been – look at the potential instead of the problem of hard hearts or lack of interest in the Gospel. Remember, when you are prophesying you are speaking to their potential and giving them an opportunity to say yes to what God is wanting to do for them, in them, and then through them. Speak His prophetic word and aim straight for the heart.

Ezekiel was told to prophesy toward (or over) that which obviously could not hear (not just would not hear), yet God caused them to become what was spoken. That valley went from a “to the bone” death camp to a vast vibrant army. The same will happen through you if you will ask the Lord to show you the one (or more) person He has been preparing to hear the Gospel and to make you sensitive to His voice so that you will recognize this person when you are with them during the day. Pray and ask God to give you a prophetic word for that person and then, when the opportunity is right, speak what God has revealed to you and watch the transformation begin. Be ready, as well, to present the Gospel because the situation will change very rapidly and you will, most likely, have an opportunity to witness and share the Gospel.

We have entered a time when the gift of prophecy is being strongly connected to our call to evangelize. And prophetic evangelism takes you on a journey of insight and discovery on a daily basis – showing you that there is a quality of experience waiting for you that will trigger a quantity of result. In other words, you wil lenjoy what you are doing more and more each day (quality) and more and more people will hear and respond to the Gospel (quantity).

Remember, we are all able to prophesy as the Bible states “you can prophesy.” And, all believers are called to “go into al lthe world and share the Gospel…” So, God is now joining those two callings together to enable you and I to evangelize supernaturally.

Although the miracle of the bones could only be affected by the divine power, God desired the prophetic utterance of a human vessel. As Ezekiel prophesied to the bones, supernatural breath came into them. This breath brought life and mobilized them. This is what the Gospel proclamation is all about – speaking life into those who are without life. This scene gives us a picture of prophetic evangelism and the impact that awaits a new breed of Spirit-led harvesting.

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