Palm Sunday in Belarus

Sunday was Palm Sunday – the day Jesus road into Jerusalem in preparation to die for our sins on Good Friday and be raised from the dead that first Easter Sunday. It may not be “first” anymore but this whole next ten days are foundational to the Christian faith – especially His resurrection from the dead. This is THE message of the early Church. I had the privilege of ministering at both a morning and then an evening service in two different locations (churches). It was a good way to come to know the people of this nation and to sense the role it will be playing in the next move of the Holy Spirit.

Our first service was in a rented facility that the church uses all week so it has set itself up fairly permanently in the facility – lighting, sound system, and backdrop for the camera. The Church is Church of God of Prophecy in Minsk. The pastor is Henadzi Kernazhytski and it is a great work he is doing with university and college students from a number of campuses in this capital city of 2 million. It was a great service with tremendous worship (pictured above is the worship team for the morning service).

I gave my testimony and it was well received and God really touched the hearts of the people. I prophesied over several people scattered throughout the congregation including one young man from Sweden. Could God be opening doors to another nation? I don’t know – but I do trust Him and will follow Him wherever He will take me. Also prophesied over a young lady who only recently joined the local church and the pastor commented it was a good word and a needed word for her. God is so good. A word over the local church which also turned into a word over the pastor followed. Of course, we went at least an hour overtime.

The evening service was help at Light of Truth Pentecostal Church in Minsk. A totally different situation. The oldest and thus first Pentecostal church ever built 1977 and the one from which many others have been planted. Much older congregation with a lot of traditional ways and thinking … as was opbvious simply from watching and being part of their evening service. I had never met the leaders of this church before (Pastor Zhibrika) so we chatted briefly before the service. Worship was good and God ministered. Young people led the worship part. Then an offering and I preached. It was a simply sermon but one that I hope touched lives. It was hard to judge by the faces of the people. Very stoic. Then, I asked if it was alright to prophesy and, with permission, called the young people up … over 40 lined up and we prayed and prophesied over every one of them (with no team). Then it seemed the line was still growing but the age of the people was getting older… as others were taking advantage of the opportunity to be prayed for. We eventually closed the 5:00 p.m. service at 11:00 p.m. Then we had supper in the church basement and headed home.

We did prophesy over four young people – in the long line of young people that kept growing – two apostles, a prophet and a five-fold evangelist. They will need a lot of teaching, discipling and mentoring as their situation does not appear to understand anything about the ministry of apostle and prophet. We held a brief time together between the end of the service and the late night supper to offer them our help.

Due to some emails that had been received in my Eastern European office I then held a meeting until 2:00 a.m. with my administrator and sorted through feelings, issues, actions and reactions so that on Monday morning we could simply do some “office work” and accomplish some emails…before heading to have lunch with a man here in Minsk where we will also pray for his wife who has been in bed for years with spinal injuries. Some of the young people want us to work with a lady who is, from the sound of it, seriously demon possessed. However, those situations often absorb a lot of time and it is time that we don’t have a lot of. We will see how the Lord leads.

We head 100 Km down the road today into another town to preach and minister and stay the night….

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