Overwhelming Need – Russia #12

Today is Sunday and we are working in a church in the City of Mytischy which is not far from the City of Moscow. We have switched groups that we are ministering to and this is day two of ministering in a relatively new network of churches with a very young bishop called Paul. This church is the key church to the network and the one that he ministers in regularly.

A month or more before coming here we asked what he wanted us to minister on. Apostles always hope it is something that we are excited about – the Kingdom of God, the Apostolic model of the Church, how to walk in the supernatural… But I am getting use to the fact that most times they are going to want to hear about the gift of prophesy. It is no different this time. The topic for today is: “The Prophetic Today”. We have one service that starts at 10:00a and goes until who knows when.

The reason I don’t have an end time is because along with the teaching they, of course, want me to minister prophetically. And their request was that I prophesy over their leadership in this local church …. a total of 34+ people. Of course, that is a total impossibility. I may get to 15 of them … I don’t usually prophesy on the surface and it is seldom a paragraph long. They are usually very detailed and fairly lengthy. Add to that the translation time and you have 20 to 25 minutes per person.The day in not long enough to handle 34+ people in leadership.

So, I will do the best I can within my physical and spiritual limitations and recognizing that I still have another week of ministry after today. So need to pace myself and not give so much of myself here that there is little left for the next two cities where we are to minister to numerous churches and leaders. This is always an issue – their expectations are always greater than our limited ability. And, no matter how hard we work at informing them to keep their expectations within reasonable limits – they never do. They are so excited about God and just want everything they can get. I understand.

Today’s prayer request – for people to be saved in the morning service as I will be giving my testimony along with teaching on the prophetic. As well, for strength and guidance for the next two days (Monday and Tuesday) as we continue to minister here for this network or union of churches as well as meet with a number of pastors from other churches that we relate to in the City of Moscow for fellowship.

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