Outside Opposition – Kazakhstan Day 12

Tuesday’s Report…

It is now Wednesday as I type this as Tuesday was such a full day that time was not there to think through the day and record activities and thoughts. Although the pace here for actual sessions has been decent – a 3 hour session and a 4.5 hour session with a break in the middle – I have still been busy with other meetings and appointments in the times when not ministering publicly.

A good example of this was last night where after supper we had the night off and so I went to my room. Shortly afterwards I ended up with two team members in my room – both on my advisory council – and we talked for three hours (until 11:15 p.m.) about another ministry which is very influential here in Eastern Europe which is questioning our ministry here in this neck of the woods and questioning my prophetic abilities and my ministry in a specific church during a past visit. They have recently spent considerable time delving in to my theology and speaking about my ministry at length during one of their leaders’ meetings. All without my knowledge and without being able to speak for myself and say what was really spoken and done. They are influencing some of the leaders and churches where we do minister and so we are expecting some doors (opportunities) to close. As in our nation – people do not usually check out the facts but simply believe what is being said and pick up an offense and run with it as well as spreading it to others. In fact, in both Russia and now in Kazakhstan we have been approached about the “issues” and ended up discussing what little we know to defend ourselves against some false impressions being spread by others (we are not always sure whom).

However, I learned long ago to let the Lord fight my battles and to not spend my time fighting, arguing, and discussing. Like Nehemiah when invited to the Valley of Ono to discuss what he was doing with those in opposition I too have been invited to discuss working together with this group. However, it appears to me that we really have little in common and that the original purpose of a joint meeting which was to discuss our understanding of apostles and prophets and cooperating (walking parallel) has been dismissed and now they want a meeting to discuss a number of other issues most of which I am uncertain about what they really are and those that I am aware of have spread to so many people that they may be irreconcilable by this time.

My advisory council members involved in my ministry here and thus aware of what I do and don’t do and the integrity I do walk in have advised that I not waste any more time on the matter – and they do consider it a poor way to invest my time – as they don’t think it is fixable after all the reports and comments that have been spread – obvious due to the fact that everywhere I go the topic comes up. They suggested I write and let the leader involved know where I stand and why I am now unwilling to spend time and money to come and see him to deal with all of this.

I am prayerfully considering their advice and am still uncertain how to proceed in this situation.

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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    I agree.
    Speak your peace and then the leader needs to do what is right and listen to both sides (not just one) with a prayerful heart and let the Lord guide his decision.
    If he does not, and sides with the gossips without justification, he is behaving in a foolish manner and is just a bad as they who are spreading the gossip.
    Just my opinion.
    Oh, wait, it’s God’s opinion too!


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