Our Time Here Is Over

Our time here is over. We finished our ministry obligations last night (Sunday) at around 7:00p and then went for a walk and ate ice cream as a treat for ourselves after a week of hard work. Then an opportunity to sort out flights for the next trip (a little more complicated than one thinks at first), packing bags and computers and papers and a late night cup of tea and an apple.

Today a taxi – a bus – a taxi – a time to fellowship with three young apostles-in-training who helped us this week here in the ministry and who live in Kiev. Then a taxi to the airport at 2:00a Tuesday our time (5:00p Monday your time in central Canada) and the first of three flights home … all with fairly lengthy waits inbetween.

It has been a good two weeks … 23 teaching times in 10 days … much travel … many received life-changing prophetic words … someone was born again … relationships were built … new people were added to our team of international apostles and prophets … powerful ministry to many people as God’s Word set them free. And, for some of the School of Apostles and prophets sessions, we had our first ever Russian printouts for them to be able to take home much more information that they could if they were just writing notes during the teachings. We are working hard at equipping these men and women to win the lost and build apostolically and prophetically. Of course, they are free to use and teach all our material themselves anywhere they should feel directed by the Lord as we do not copywrite the School’s material.

Thank you for your prayers and your financial support. People here are always asking me to thank you for all that you do for them by praying and all that you do for them by helping to finance these many trips to Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union nations. You are greatly appreciatd here and spoken of often.

There will not be a blog again until Wednesday morning as I will be travelling and unable to get internet connections (due to high cost of roaming) and so will not be able to post items. However, I will write again from my home study Wednesday morning.

Thanks for everything everyone – pray for safe travel…

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