Our Last Day – Russia #19

During the Sunday morning (well into the afternoon) service we had a number of people give testimonies of what these past few days have meant to them and how the prophetic ministry has impacted their lives. This is one young man (very tall) who came forward to give his testimony of the life-changing power of the Living Word of the Lord. It is always encouraging for the people and for the team to hear how the ministry has impacted people.

We always ask people to give us written testimonies as many people come up and are excited to share what the word they received meant and how it spoke to areas they had been praying about or were concerned about. However, only one out of ten every take the time to hand-in their testimony or send us their testimony by email. So, we do what we can to collect these praise reports so we can share them later in our e-newsletter and encourage those of you who follow what is happening during our apostolic trips and who support us financially and in prayer. This ministry is touching many lives and seriously changing churches and impacting nations. Thank you for being a part of what God is doing.

Well, Sunday has ended and we have had a late supper and are now on the road for 5 hours as we drive towards Moscow. Most of the area between the city of Ivanovo and the City of Moscow is simply a narrow road carved out through the forest so it is like driving through a narrow, dark tunnel when late at night. There are a few towns you pass through but they are all closed up tight due to the hour. Half way there is a little roadside store where we can buy hot tea and use a very old, smelly outhouse to go to the bathroom. It is good that it is late night when we reach there as there are many boards missing on the sides of the outhouse and one of them no longer even has a door. The joys of travel in Russia. Stopping by the road side and using the forest is the other option.

We will arrive in Moscow at about 1:30 in the morning we hope and by 3:00 be at our hotel near the airport. This way we avoid daytime traffic. The night time traffic is certainly bad enough as we will be bumper-to-bumper for much of the in-city driving. Then a short night sleep and a shower and breakfast before heading to the airport and the start of a long day. I will be living the same 9 hours twice …. as there is a nine hour time difference between Moscow and home. So, although the trip will take 31 hours I will still be home on the same day that I leave Moscow. Body time it will be mid-morning on the next day and jet lag begins.

Please pray for good weather, good connections and no delays in flights. It is winter and this is Eastern Europe. Thanks.

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